Meet the THS OS pentesting distribution!

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Meet the THS OS pentesting distribution!

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As ever – we love to report on Linux pentesting distributions because they are just so damn cool.

One that caught our eagle eye this week – which has actually been around for a while, but we thought to show it some love is THS OS.

THS OS: “Top Hat Sec Operating System” – is currently in Version 2 Version 3 and is particularly awesome because it has been built by a friendly group of security professionals and hobbyists over at Top Hat Sec.

Update! The fine folks at THS have updated their excellent Linux Distro to Version 3 (as of end of July 2013)

These guys absolutely know what they are talking about and although we haven’t had a chance to play with the distro, we just thought to get the word out there.

Here are some facts about this particular Linux penetration distro:

The THS OS Version 2 is named Apollo in honor of the late Neil Armstrong and the Moon Landings of 21st July 1969. As far we we are aware this is the only distro that is named after an individual (or an event).

BackTrack can be a headache to configure but THS OS claims to be more compatible judging by the comments in their forum. Also, unlike BackTrack, THS OS does not run off a custom Linux kernel, rather it uses Ubuntu 11 and we think it comes pre-configured with Gnome (but we are not 100% sure about this).

The look and feel of the OS is sort of like a mac and the menu is taken (we think) from BackBox – or rather the style of menu is taken from the BackBox distro. Our understanding is that this penetration testing OS comes packed with all the necessary tools without overdoing it, like some might say BackTrack have done over the years. The distro ships with the Ubuntu software center, VLC, Skype etc and the OS runs from root – like BackTrack, but unlike BackBox. On the subject of installed programs – it is interesting to note that these folks over at THS have included the latest version of Ettercap – which hadn’t been updated for a long time.

There is a “Top Hat Folder” which we think must act as the same way as the /pentest/ folder in BackTrack or the /opt/backbox in BackBox.

THS OS seems like a cool distro and we will definitely keep an eye out for it – and wish it and the team behind it all the best! Let us know if you have ever used this distro in the comments below. Lastly, in terms of design and branding – need we say more!? It looks great – especially their logo.

  • sergio

    donde puedo descargarlo

  • R4V3N

    Thank you for this write up. THS-OS V2 codename “Apollo” was developed by myself and Top-Hat-Sec team members. One thing that I would like to mention is that the codename “Apollo” was in honor of Neil Armstrong shortly after his passing. We were already developing the OS and were originally going to release it as version 2, however I decided to give it the codename “Apollo” before it was released. Contained in the OS is a picture of Armstrong and a .txt file for reading. If you guys have any questions about this distro or other developments, please let me know!

  • th3cr4ck3r

    THS-OSv3 was built by me and only me. There was no group. I have left that forum and as far as i am concerned it should not even be available on their site anymore.

    • Henry Dalziel

      Duly noted and we published your post. We will update the page shortly and thank you for your comment!

      Also – do let us know if you have any other Linux/ OS/ Pentesting Distros etc that you’d like to share with us – we always love posting such content to our growing community.

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