A request for information security speakers or researchers!

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A request for information security speakers or researchers!

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We have been running an information security web show called Hacker Hotshots for the last three years in which we have attracted many well-known infosec personalities that discuss their research, security tools, or simply talk about a security subject they feel comfortable discussing. Hosted by our CEO Max Dalziel, our experts from around the world have mostly all spoken at leading security conferences like BlackHat, DEFCON, Toorcon, Hacker Halted etc.

If you have any subject that you would like us to promote on your behalf – at no cost – then please get in touch with us! We’d really like to hear from you. We have had Raspberry Pi Hackers, XSS Researchers, Android hackers, Cyber Warfare Specialists, BYOD Experts, Survivalists and many more present their projects to our community and you can be no different! We organize the whole delivery and promote the event to our community so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

You can see a list of our previous security events here.

Get in touch with us and we can set up a time to interview you so that you can promote your research, views or product to our wider audience.

We tend to keep our web shows short and concise, just like our name: Concise Courses!

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