SnoopWall blocks and monitors apps on your mobile device

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SnoopWall blocks and monitors apps on your mobile device

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January 15th 2013, we had the privilege of interviewing Cyber security expert and noted entrepreneur Gary Miliefsky on our Hacker Hotshots web show. Gary presented “Bulletproof IT Security” in his customary engaging fashion and we hope to have him back again very soon to discuss his latest initiative called “SnoopWall”.

SnoopWall is an information security product within the antispyware space. The main purpose of SnoopWall is to blocks online eavesdropping, something which is very much in the public’s attention these days – due to the whole NSA/ PRISM and Edward Snowdon affair. The major reason why this story has taken the world’s media by storm is because, simply, the concept of eavesdropping just doesn’t sit comfortably.

The reality of ‘eavesdropping’
It doesn’t matter which side you are on: Team Snowdon or Team 44th President of the United States, the truth is that we don’t enjoy being the victims of eavesdropping. We don’t like people sticking their noses in where it doesn’t belong. For all those that say, ‘well, it you got nothing to hide then what’s the problem?,’ then I’d reply with this, ‘ok, then get changed with the curtains open in the morning.‘ That should be a slam-dunk right there. Point is that we all, 100% all of us, want and actually like privacy. Snoopwall brings us that little bit nearer to that goal, which is, frankly, also a human necessity, i.e. being able to secure and keep elements of our life private.

What does SnoopWall do? How does it work?
SnoopWall blocks remote access to mobile devices by protecting data-leakage ports including webcams, microphones, and GPS. Restricting access to these ports prevents cyber snoops from extracting valuable information. We should all be becoming slightly more educated with our online safety and acting accordingly. We should be at that stage now that being told that we are sole heir to a Nigerian Oil Tycoon’s wealth (as long as you provide your account number and sort code) is all water off a ducks back, but, alas, we are not. We are dumb. The human is dumb. Online cyber criminality is on the rise. We are seeing an unprecedented number of cyberscams, malware, and other types of attacks that all try to extract or phish our financial data, credit card information and more. Anything that prevents that is welcome, so for that, thank you SnoopWall.

Gary Miliefsky launched SnoopWall as an eavesdropping prevention solution and cyber security solution. The community is excited about SnoopWall because Gary has proven expertise and know-how having patented multiple internet security technologies. Contrary to popular belief, antivirus software does not always prevent remote access to devices on a network, and end-users can be tricked into ‘trusting’ a program’s certificate or web application which can then allow the attacker to steal at will.

SnoopWall essentially listens to every application that is installed on your device. Seeking funding on KickStarter, the project page does a better job than us explaining the details of the product but as a summary, here are three take-away bits of information;

SnoopWall works By:

  • Finding out what every application is doing on your device and which ones are spying on you!
  • Managing the access to all ports that are leaking data including your webcam, microphone, and GPS.
  • Free up memory and extend your battery life.
  • Reclaim your privacy and shield your personal information from getting into the hands of cyber thieves.

Gary’s a great guy and his experience, knowledge and background makes this a project certainly worth investigating further. Let us know in the comments below if you have used SnoopWall or have any questions regarding the product.

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