Ten Skype alternatives and a highly secure wildcard: bitmessage

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Ten Skype alternatives and a highly secure wildcard: bitmessage

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  • Dave Howe

    I would have thought, given the revelations that any skype traffic is near-instantly available to the US authorities, some sort of comment on which of these services are at least encrypted would be made?

    • Henry Dalziel

      Thanks for your comment. In fact, what prompted me to write this post was that one of our Hacker Hotshot speakers didn’t want to use Google Hangouts so we looked at alternatives. You are right though, we need to write a similar post on the ‘best’ encryption VoIP platforms or options out there. The best that we can suggest these days is bitmessage which isn’t VoIP but it is instant chat. On that subject, shame about Lavabit – it’s an interesting read.

  • Some Name

    I have been looking for a Skype alternative for some time, primary concern being the security/privacy issue. I found Jitsi to be the safest with the best encryption. The only thing missing is that it does not allow adding Skype contacts.

  • Alicia

    I’ve used Kuvi for some time. It’s not an alternative to video calling, just group calling. Instead of relying on everyone having the program, you use it to set up groups, and then use your phone (cell or land line) to make the call. It calls their phones directly so you don’t have to worry about internet connection or software issues.

    You can read about it by googling kuvicall. It’s worth a look!

  • Sceptic

    About oovoo, it’s not 12 but 6 people you can have video call with at a time. The other 6 you can chat. And number of users are bullshit as company doesn’t allow you to delete your account. Many customers, after have realized that connections are not secure and they have suspicious communicates from firewall, want to close their account, instead oovoo advising them to change name for inactive and are keeping accounts for false statistics. Very pathetic.

  • Carbonize

    Bit late I know but you have put Viper in your text when it is actually Viber.

  • greg campbell

    Hey, another very good alternative is: RHUB web conferencing servers. It works well.

  • Jim Lauder

    Anything connected to Google or MS is connected to the NSA. Please, they are anything but secure!

  • Jan Kajander

    Anyone seen any review in mind wireshark (and such tools) analysis of flow of data, so its clear between 2 points, eg that all the packets lands correct, would not that be a fine thing in reviews ?

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