Intererested in Security+ self-study? Read on my friend.

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Intererested in Security+ self-study? Read on my friend.

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“To study, or not to study?” That is the question. If your reading this and are interested in taking this security certification then you are 100% making the right choice.

We are obviously biased since we offer CompTIA Security+ so we’d have to say a resounding – Yes!

What are the benefits of studying Security+?
In short, the CompTIA Security+ certification means that you have demonstrated actionable and practical professionalism within the field of information security, which, need we tell you, is the fastest-growing sector in Information Technology. All you have to do is open the paper, go online, watch the news and you will almost certainly always see a high-level cyber attack or hack. The growth in cyber security threats essentials stems from the over-reliance of corporations and organizations (including military) in placing their trust with often vulnerable and dated data and networking systems.

CompTIA Security+ is a ‘ground-level’ security certification that can pave the way for understanding fundamental security principles and teaches how to minimize threats and weaknesses. As an internationally accredited qualification, this vendor-neutral certification specifically designates that the student has been able to demonstrate ability within the following realms:

  • Network security
  • Compliance and operational security
  • Threats and vulnerabilities
  • Application, data and host security
  • Access control and identity management
  • Cryptography

What is the most affordable way to study Security?
Self-study, or self-taught Security+ training is the least expensive and an excellent way to pass the course in our opinion. Our training package is only $395 and includes the following:

> Access to hundreds of Security+ exam questions, where each exam is interactive. Get an answer wrong and you will be provided with the correct option.
> A discounted SY0-301 Exam Voucher that is valid for 12-months.
> A Comptia Security+ Certification “Certblaster” Book!

Learn more and enroll on our self-study Security+ or perhaps you just want to take a quick 5 minute test to see how good you are?

Also! If that wasn’t enough, why don’t you check out our 2 minute Self-Study Security+ Video made by our very own Tomoko (an ex-MTV Motion Graphics Expert) that highlights the three main course features of our training package.

Got any questions? Good – because we have answers regarding this certification. Click here to email us or ask a question via the live chat (bottom right of the screen).

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