Our 2015 Recommended CISSP Training Books

Buying books to study Cyber Security courses like CISSP, CEH and Security+ are necessary in order to understand the course syllabus and to give you the best chance of passing your certification.

Sure, there are an abundance of sophisticated online learning tools, all designed to help you pass certs and training programs, but there is still nothing better than printed paper in our opinion! Maybe we are showing our age but we certainly grew up with ‘old-school’ text books and it didn’t hurt us!

A lot of our students have bought the books in our list and we selected them mostly from their feedback. Also, to help you get a clearer view of all the books we also published a page that neatly and concisely compares all the CISSP Training Books ‘side-by-side’. So, if you are feeling slightly unsure of which book is best suited to your budget comparing the prices might be a good place to start. Also – worth mentioning that most if not all of the CISSP-Domain Study Related books listed below are available in a Kindle Format as well.

Whilst some books are better than others – we hope that this post will give you an overview of 6 recommended CISSP training books that we think will help you in 2015:

Here are our recommended CISSP Training Books for 2015

Easy Guide: Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

4.5 Star Rating from Amazon!
By: Austin Vern Songer
This CISSP book is the newest in our ISC2 CISSP collection but we like it owing to its’ simplicity and no-nonsense approach. We’d encourage you to write a review if you have read this book – particularly because it is so new.

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Eleventh Hour CISSP, Second Edition: Study Guide

4.5 Star Rating from Amazon!
By: Eric Conrad
Eric is a giant in the CISSP-cert ‘book writing world’ – he is a Senior SANS Instructor, and CTO of Backshore Communications. In this book Eric covers all ten CISSP domains very concisely. If you read this book thoroughly then we are sure that you’ll pass your CISSP Certification and Exam. Eric has attempted, and we believe has succeeded, in having streamlined the content for maximum efficiency of study. In summary, this CISSP book is perfect for professionals who are updating their certification or taking the test for the first time.

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CISSP In 3 Weeks: The Only Step-by-Step CISSP – DIY Instruction Manual

No Reviews Yet – be the first!
By: Nichel James
Sure, it would be pretty difficult (if not impossible) to expect to pass the CISSP cert from simply just picking up this book and knowing nothing about Cyber Security. However – we think that Nichel has done a decent job and outlining the basics and more of essential Cyber Security principles and applying those within the ISC2 CISSP exam perspective. Again, like all the books mentioned in this post we’d really appreciate any reviews or feedback that you can give us!

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CISSP Cert Guide

5.0 Star Rating from Amazon!
By: Troy McMillan
With a 5 Star rating from Amazon Reviews, this is pretty impressive…

In Troy’s own words this book: “[prepares the student to] Learn, prepare, and practice for CISSP exam success with the CISSP Cert Guide.” This book claims to instruct the following:

  • Master CISSP exam topics
  • Assess your knowledge with chapter-ending quizzes
  • Review key concepts with exam preparation tasks
  • Practice with realistic exam questions on the CD


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CISSP Practice Questions Exam Cram (3rd Edition)

5.0 Star Rating from Amazon!
By: Michael Gregg
We’ve included the CISSP Practice Questions Exam Cram Book because we feel that many readers and visitors to our blog want to better prepare themselves for the exam, and this book certainly addresses that. This Third Edition complements any CISSP study plan with 1,001 practice test questions in the book and it ships with a lot of CISSP content on the CD. Each question is accompanied with explanations (answers). Several of our students have bought this book and they claim that the CISSP practice exams are realistic and a genuine reflection of the CISSP exam. We’d suggest that this book accompanies other study materials that you are using in order to achieve your CISSP designation.

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CISSP Exam ExamFOCUS Study Notes & Review Questions 2015 (No Frills Exam Prep Books)

5.0 Star Rating from Amazon!
We’ve included this book since it fits into our concisely formatted books that we are recommending, i.e. we are assuming that most of you are already seasoned Cyber Professionals and are looking for an overview of what to expect in the CISSP and a outline of the CISSP domains. If you disagree that with us that this book shouldn’t be in our list then please let us know.

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In summary

The big names in the CISSP Book/ ‘Study Materials’ market are Shon Harris and Eric Conrad, however, do pay attention to the new-comers that are using a more ‘compact’ and concise-style in explaining CISSP Domain content. If you are taking your CISSP then good luck and let us know how you get on and whether or not certain books helped you along the way! If you have any reviews or comments to add to this post please go ahead and drop a comment below – and of course, if we can help you anything including CISSP Training then get in contact with us, it would be our pleasure to help you out!

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