How much can I expect to earn with a Security+ certification?

Let’s cut the chase and talk about bringing home the bacon. How much will I earn if I get CompTIA Security+ certified, or better said, how much should I be expecting to earn in the USA with this certification?

The answer is $75,000.

The reason we have put Security+ in our cross-hairs is because we want to help younger people get employed and this certification is particularly well known for offering a solid foundation when starting a career in information security.

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Another reason we like CompTIA certifications is because they are internationally accredited and recognized as being excellent vendor-neutral certs. The main purpose of getting an infosec cert is to demonstrate to an employer that you understand security principles and that you’d be able to execute measures to protect and defend networks and computer systems.

CompTIA’s Security+ certification has been around a while. Sure, there are others but when it comes to choosing a cert we’d certainly recommend the one that is probably the best known and the one that has been around the longest, i.e. Security+.

What about salary expectations?
According to the “2013 IT Skills and Salary Report by Global Knowledge & TechRepublic” the average mean salary for a CompTIA Security+ certified individual is $75,000. Where you live seems to play a role in setting your salary along with experience (as you’d expect). Still, $75,000 is certainly pretty good going!

Furthermore, the survey also found that security professionals are most likely to see a raise in 2013-2014.

How does this salary compare to other CompTIA certifications?
According to the CompTIA here are the average salaries for their certification holders, ranked highest first:

CompTIA Project+ salary: $100,862
CompTIA RFID+ salary: $87,663
CompTIA Server+ salary: $84,997
CompTIA Linux+ salary: $83,018
CompTIA Security+ salary: $80,066
CompTIA Network+ salary: $71,207
CompTIA A+ salary: $67,954

So, we can see that the Global Knowledge survey and CompTIA’s numbers for an expected Security+ salary are very similar, with only $5,000 between them.

What would your role be as an IT security professional?
You’d be expected to implement secure computer and networking systems to protect sensitive data from hackers. Information technology security specialists are also tasked with monitoring networks for security breaches and instantly responding and defending against cyber attacks. Security breaches typically can go unnoticed for long periods of times so it is vital that the security professional have the skills and ability to detect intrusions immediately.

Additional InfoSec skills include vulnerability assessment, identity and access management, social engineering skills, data loss prevention, encryption, regulatory governance and compliance and email/ web content filtering, etc. Another key element of your role would be to audit and write reports on how and why you have been able to secure the networks and computer systems, something which is particularly important when seeking investment.

Last word
Many employers will be wanting to see that you do have relevant IT certification within your chosen field. Some employers will also require that you have a bachelor’s degree in information security or network security etc, but as always, experience is king. If you are unsure how to get started then download our Security+ InfoPack which contains advice on how to kick-start your career within the security space.

With a mean annual salary of approx $75,000 and with the continued strong demand for IT security specialists – you have absolutely chosen a hot sector to be in! We wish you all the luck in the world and if you do decide to study Security+ have a look at our various study options. We are available on instant live chat between normal work hours EST.

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