An overview of being a Security Analyst as a career

This is part of our Information Security Professionals career help designed to help those wanting to break into security and have a career as a pentester or “ethical hacker”.

This post is regarding becoming a “Security Analyst”

First off, what actually is a Security Analyst?

Essentially, a security analyst is an IT professional responsible for maintaining the security and integrity of data and networks. The security analyst must have expertise and knowledge of every aspect of information security within the company or organization for which they work, or are responsible for. Their main focus is to analyze security measures and being able to monitor and understand intrusion detection.

A security analyst should also be responsible for implementing and managing necessary training for work colleagues and those associated with the organizations data and network. Information security and awareness is critical for everyone – both in an online and in an offline sense (by offline think “social engineering”)

Constant penetration testing is a requirement of the security analyst – detecting security flaws, holes, patching etc which are all vital within this role. Reporting is an important by-product, i.e. auditing the security vulnerabilities of the network is important since senior management will be asking for validation by way of reporting and auditing. Reporting also permits a security analyst to demonstrate what procedures and/ or efforts had been implemented in case security breaches occur.

What about qualifications?

A CompTIA Security+, Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), CISSP and mile2 CPTC and CPTE are five clear winning information security training courses that will demonstrate that you have the skills and understand important processes.

Security analysts are in demand and the salary is generous. If you are interested in becoming a Security Analyst then we really recommend you watch a presentation given by Winn Schwartau titled: “Solving the Cyber Security Hiring Crisis DHS and the Great Talent Search” which is an excellent (recorded video presentation) all about the hiring processes of security professionals which I am sure you will find interesting and helpful.

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