85 Raspberry Pi uses – got any to add?

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By Henry Dalziel

OK we really wanted to call this a “100 uses for the Raspberry Pi” but we could only find 85. Help us please! If you can think of any other uses please write in the comments below.

Ever since we had DJ Palombo on our Hacker Hotshots information security web show last year presenting: Raspberry Pi Hacking we have become really interested and also amazed at the flexibility of the Pi.

All of these Raspberry Pi uses certainly require a degree of hard and software hacking and if you are interested then hit up the Pi community – and let us know in the comments below if you have ever hacked a Pi.


1 Arcade Game
2 Asterisk VOIP server
3 Baby monitor
4 Backup server
5 Birdbox
6 BitTorrent client
7 BitTorrent seedbox
8 Brains for Arduino setup
9 Build a cheap laptop
10 Build a cheap tablet
11 Cafe media player
12 Car black box with video
13 CD / DVD ripping device
14 CNC controller
15 Control a light display
16 Control an LED board
17 Control garden lighting
18 Control sprinkler system
19 Controlling a coffee machine
20 Create a digital photo frame
21 Creating an e-mail notifier light
22 Cyber Cafe computer
23 Dedicated Synth
24 Display photographer portfolio images
25 DOSBox for games
26 Family notice board
27 Firewall
28 FTP server
29 Game emulator, running MAME (build your own arcade cabinet?)
30 Game server
31 Hacking center or hacking device
32 High tech alarm clock
33 High tech message center
34 Home automation system
35 Home Brewed Beer
36 HTPC for streaming Netfilx / Hulu etc
37 HTPC for TV web browsing (kinda same as above, 36)
38 In car computer, put it on the dashboard
39 Industrial manufacturing controller
40 Intelligent photo frame with touch
41 IRC / chat server
42 Jukebox
43 Media receiver (hopefully we’ll get a port of XBMC or PLEX)
44 Media server by adding a couple of USB hard drives
45 Mini projector
46 Mini web server
47 Moving Digital Photo Frame
48 MP3 player
49 Multitouch screen coffee table
50 Mumble server
51 Network Attached Storage setup (NAS)
52 News and RSS Feeds
53 Nixie Clock
54 Open the garage door
55 PBX
56 Personal weather station / logger
57 Pi-powered alarm system.
58 Portable Media PC
59 Powered arcade cabinet
60 Processing farm for SETI@Home
61 Proxy server
62 Put it in an old mac classic or mac plus case as a general purpose computer
63 Radio
64 Robot Slave
65 Robotic telescope / camera controller
66 Rocket Launcher – well. Maybe.
67 RSS ticker
68 Run an alarm system
69 Security webcam (with motion sensor)
70 Sending images from near space
71 SMS gateway
72 Solar powered desktop computer
73 Streaming internet radio box
74 Sunrise/sunset timer for Christmas lights
75 Thin client computer
76 TOR server
77 Vehicle Diagnostics, full OBDII logger with touch screen interface
78 Vehicle tracking (using an add-on GPS module)
79 Video chat
80 Video conferencing system
81 Wall mounted, interactive mood lamp
82 Wardriving setup
83 Wearable computer
84 Webcam server
85 Weather Station – was repeated

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  1. Jorge says:

    here a project:

    Some of the basic Features of Elastix include:

    Support for softphones
    Web Interface Configuration
    Virtual conference rooms
    Call recording
    Least Cost Routing
    Extension Roaming
    PBX Interconnection
    Caller ID
    Advance Reports

  2. Kim says:

    Raspberry Pi as secure and reliable webserver.

    Great help from Matt Wilcox –

    Made my own extended work with the help from Matt Wilcox’s blog.

    More to come (under development) http://www.kimnyegaardandreasen.dk/projects/pp_folder/raspberrypisecurewebserver.html

    Best regards,


  3. Jeff says:

    I also turned my Raspberry Pi into an OpenLDAP server and DNS server with BIND.

  4. Chris says:

    Interesting list, it would have been more useful if there were links to examples of each idea.

  5. anon says:

    Bit coin mining, persistence of vision display, light painting, ambient lighting controller… My 2 cents…

  6. amol says:

    How i get help to create raspberry pi video conferencing material.

  7. Dan Kays says:

    The Raspberry pi makes a great VPN server.

  8. We’ve made a video wall that you can add to the list – see http://www.piwall.co.uk

  9. Chejov says:

    Name server running bind, whith blackhole for improving security.

    • Thanks for this. The links to other projects are really good. It really shows how many talented and creative people there are out there – and also how many uses there are for the Raspberry Pi. Thanks again! And also – we removed the duplicate (Raspberry Pi weather station)

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