Try and pass a 5 minute CISSP practice exam. I double dare you.

It is hoped that this post doesn’t become a dick-slapping contest into how good or bad CISSP is for your career, health, or whether or not it can save world hunger – what we do know is that it is popular and many folk out there have it! (Slightly off-topic but this is an excellent article that outlines the pro’s and con’s of CISSP as mentioned at RSA 2013).

If you are interested in studying – and passing – the CISSP designation, then we have several options for you to look at. The study options we can suggest also show the associated fees and include self-study, live-online learning and good old school intense bootcamp!

But! Wait! If all you want to do is take a sneak preview at the actual exam and what it would feel like to do the test – then we got you covered. Hit this link and you will have a no-registration timed 5 minute CISSP practice exam. Good luck with it!

Sorry we are not offering this anymore…

About the CISSP real-life exam
The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification examination is, wait for it, a marathon: coming in at a whopping six hours long. This ‘draining’ examination might seem like an absolute nightmare and for many it will be but we figure that this in itself gives ISC2 and CISSP another reason to claim the superiority of their security certification.

A minimum score of over 70% is required to pass the exam and it is worth noting that not all the questions are weighted equally!

Have you studied CISSP and/ or taken the exam? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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