Got SCADA Security? You do now! Double-whammy Info Session!

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Got SCADA Security? You do now! Double-whammy Info Session!

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We are certainly very privileged to have Joe Weiss present not one, but two SCADA/ ICS-specific Hacker Hotshots! The first will be this week, Thursday, (more details slightly further down the page) and the second will be the following week.

Now, if you are interested or are working in SCADA and ICS systems then, Joe Weiss is literally the global SCADA expert!

Here are the amazing upcoming SCADA events we have! (If you are reading this past the date then fear not – the events will be recorded and will remain on the links as below).

All times are 1200 EST
SCADA Hacker Hotshots Part One: (Feb 6th 2014) How is securing ICSs different than securing IT?
SCADA Hacker Hotshots Part Two: (Feb 14th 2014) Incidents and examples of ICS threats: Aurora and Stuxnet

What to expect from the first SCADA episode: “How is securing ICSs different than securing IT?”
In this initial SCADA Hacker Hotshot event, Joe will discuss several topics, namely:

  • How are they being used now – connections to the Internet and remote connectivity?
  • How is securing ICSs and SCADA systems and networks different than securing ‘traditional’ enterprise IT?

What to expect from the second SCADA episode: “Incidents and examples of ICS threats: Aurora and Stuxnet”
In this second SCADA Hacker Hotshot event, Joe will discuss several topics, including:

  • What has already happened – actual ICS cyber incidents?
  • The unintended consequences of Stuxnet have made ICSs a “legitimate” target?
  • Examples of ICS-unique threats – Aurora and Stuxnet?

Who is Joe Weiss?
Joe Weiss PE, CISM, CRISC, ISA Fellow, IEEE Senior Member is a SCADA and ICS global industry expert. His expertise and knowledge on control systems and electronic security of control systems is second to none. Totalling nearly four decades of experience in the energy industry Joe has also led a variety of programs including the Nuclear Plant Instrumentation and Diagnostics Program, the Fossil Plant Instrumentation & Controls Program, the Y2K Embedded Systems Program and, the cyber security for digital control systems.

So what’s the big deal anyhow?
SCADA is the big deal! The problem in its’ simplest terms are that these industrial systems were never meant to be connected to the web and many of these legacy systems have unbelievably porous vulnerabilities. Internet-facing SCADA and ICS systems worry governments around the world and for good reason, in fact, SCADA attacks are at the forefront of Cyber Warfare (need evidence – think Stuxnet: episode 2 with Joe).

We love reporting on Information Security Conferences and we note that two Russian researchers at the old school Chaos Communication Congress, as of last year, presented evidence showing that more than 60,000 SCADA exposed control systems are available for exploitation. These systems include energy, chemical, oil and transportation systems!

In Summary
We have covered SCADA for quite some time now, not least because we find the entire subject fascinating. We really hope that you can join us for both of our special Hacker Hotshot events this and next week and as always your interaction would be hugely appreciated by us and Joe.

It is worth noting as well that we are no strangers to SCADA security and Hacker Hotshots: October 28th 2013 we hosted “SCADA & Me” with Richard Stiennon, Matthew Luallen, Marcelo Branquinho, Michael Assante & Robert Lee.

Please drop a comment below if SCADA is your thing! We’d love to hear from you.

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