SCADA Security Scientific Symposium in Miami – January 2013

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SCADA Security Scientific Symposium in Miami – January 2013

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Quick heads up about the SCADA Security Scientific Symposium, starting Tuesday January 15th in our home town of Miami!

SCADA Systems, (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) are of massive interest and importance these days (see our presentations “Hacking As An Act of War” and “Identifying Cyber Warriors” for detailed info) and congress is taking this all very seriously. The facts are pretty astounding.

Why are SCADA systems important?
SCADA systems are deployed worldwide in many critical infrastructures ranging from power generation, public transportation and in agricultural and industrial manufacturing systems for example. Hacking into these systems would cause untold damage.

Everyone agrees that we need to protect our SCADA systems from cyber attacks.

Speakers and title include:
Hardware Hacking – Reverse Engineering Wireless Embedded Systems (Travis Goodspeed)
How Effective Are ICS Field Firewalls? (Reid Wightman)
Real World Trial: Spear Phishing to Gain Access to ICS (Tyler Klingler & Scott Greaux)
Project IRUS: A Multifaceted Approach to Attacking and Defending ICS (Dillon Beresford & Ali Abbasi)
The Great Debate: What Do You Expect From Government (Moderator: Dale Peterson)
RTU Risk Score Methodology (Chris Sistrunk)
New Modicon PLC Vulns, New Security Tools and New ModbusSec Protocol (Arthur Gervais)
Using Epidemiology and Other Models to Predict the Spread of ICS Vulnerabilities and Attacks (Dale Peterson )
Electrical Substation Sabotage (Dr. Chee Wooi Ten)
How Secure (or Insecure) Are Your SCADA RF Comms? (atlas of d00m)
Case Study: Fuzzing Before and After You’re Ready (Tang and Aggarwal)
Am I Compromised (Jacob Kitchel)
Detecting 0-day and Targeted Attacks on ICS with Non-Signature Based IDS (Damiano Bolzoni)
Deterministic Failure: Are All ICS Doomed to Fail? (Darren Highfill)
Turning the Tables: Transformation to Intelligence Driven Defense for ICS (Jason Holcomb)
Security of Medical Devices (Billy Rios & Terry McCorkle)
Microsoft’s Surface Attack Analyzer’s View of ICS Applications (Michael Toecker)
Recovering Siemens S7 400 Level 3 Passwords (Erik Johansson)
Siemens WinCC / S7 Under The X-ray (Sergey Gordeychik)
Experimental Project for SCADA/HMI Defense (Auriemma & Ferrante)
Finding Server Side Vulnerabilities in ICS Software (Auriemma & Ferrante)

In summary
The SCADA Security Scientific Symposium in Miami is an event aimed at information security professionals wanting to learn and discuss advanced ICS security topics.

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