The relationship between Mile2 CPTC and EC Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker

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The relationship between Mile2 CPTC and EC Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker

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When it comes to information security training there are only really a handful of qualifications that jump out. Those are CompTIA Security+, Mile2’s CPTE, Certified Ethical Hacker and CISSP. We previously posted our top 11 IT certifications here and wrote an overview of CompTIA Security+ here, but we have not yet looked at how Mile2’s CPTE and EC Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker are related. It’s worth pointing out that the courses we refer to in this post are related to “general” information security focused rather than more “niche” areas such as forensics etc.

Mile2 and EC-Council, (the awarding body that sanctions CEH) were actually very closely tied, and were previously operating together with Mile2 promoting and managing CEH courses as the world’s largest provider of CEH. In short, Mile2 was an Authorized Trained Center.

Over time Mile2 felt that the Certified Ethical Hacker course was primarily an information security course that was teaching students how to hack machines and networks rather than understand how to better defend against intrusion detection and perform penetration testing (and reporting). Mile2 moved away from Certified Ethical Hacker – according to their website because they felt that CEH wasn’t updated frequently enough. With new APT threats being launched everyday, Mile2 felt that the security syllabi should be constantly updated rather than periodically which used to be the case with EC-Council. As Mile2 began to develop their courses they still used the CEH foundational structure with the intention of upgrading the framework towards a penetration testing methodology.

Mile2 has a strong military connection. Of interest, their CPTE certification played a pivotal role in assisting the United States Air Force improve their security protocols.

We are also big fans of Kevin Henry who is a highly respected information security expert and CISSP trainer, who gave us an excellent presentation on Advanced Persistent Threats of 2012. Kevin is a trainer with Mile2 and recently – June 2012, updated a lot of Mile2’s courseware by releasing study aids for CPTE students. These updated were designed to simulate intricate security breaches.

We put together a CEH vs Mile2 five part report which includes:

(To access this Mile2 vs CEH report click here.)

Part I Individual Course Syllabi:
11-Page C)PTE Course Syllabus
5-Page C)PTC Course Syllabus

Part II Sample Course Material:
25-Page Sample Lab Guide
101-Page Sample Module Guide

Part III Case Studies:
C)PTE vs CEH (From a US Military Perspective)
C)PTE vs CEH (From an Instructor’s Perspective)
This Is IT “IT Security Training in an Unsecure World”

Part IV mile2 Course Road Map

Part V A Training ROI Calculator

The CPTE syllabus offers a mix of real world security scenarios and applications with theoretical elements. The security certification is recognized as being very practical (which we offer as an online bootcamp) and aims to connect the material with lab work and constantly refers to the Pen Test Model. The actual CPTE coursework reflects contemporary security issues using the lab content accordingly as real life information security problems arise.

The end result is that CPTE students feel comfortable that they have readied themselves to locate and decipher flaws, vulnerabilities, and errors in information security systems.

What do you need to know before studying for a Mile2 CPTE course?

Mile2 suggests a number of prerequisites for prospective security students. These include at least one or two years of experience in network technology, (CompTIA N+ for example would be ideal) and significant familiarity with TCP/IP. An understanding of Microsoft software and programs, and a minimum knowledge of Linux would be helpful. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with a Linux PenTesting distribution – see our list here.

What are the differences with Mile2 and Certified Ethical Hacker?

CPTE was created by Mile2 and its security partners as an upgrade to CEH and is aimed at addressing the training needs of IT professionals required in executing the penetration testing including analyzing and auditing the security of a network and being able to effectively “go beyond” basic hacking techniques and skills.

CPTE, as a “pure-play” Information Security course, and places significant emphasis on penetration testing methodologies, practices, and techniques required in assessing and verifying security vulnerabilities in networks, web applications, databases etc.

The range of Mile2 security courses – notably CPTE – are all designed with a realization that overloading students with tools and slides does not necessarily make more proficient security practitioners.

Have you studied with CPTC or CEH or a smiliar security course? We’d love to hear your comments below.

  • kiran kumar

    i am thinking of doing a certification in Ethical Hacking. Please can you suggest to me which one is best to get a job easily in the security field.

    • Henry Dalziel

      Thanks for your comment. There is nothing ‘easy’ when it comes to getting employment within the security field, but it is 100% possible if you are determined enough and have enough interest and invest the time to learn and importantly, to keep learning! Security+ is a great place to start but it does depend on your level of expertise. How long have you been working? If you have just graduated or just left school then that is fine – you have to start somewhere! Let us know. If you prefer you can get in contact with us privately – but in answering your question, and judging by your comment, your best best with either be CompTIA Security+ and/ or the Certified Ethical Hacker by EC-Council. Good luck!

  • Nasrumminallah Zeeshan

    There is of course, a good amount of similarity between EC Council CEH and Mile2 CPTC. It is recommended that a decision maker should first attend Mile2 CPTC or Mile2 CPTE, as recommended to me, by a Mile2 consultant agent. 🙂

  • tasos

    The best place to begin is Security Tube – Vivek is awesome…Python,Assembly,Wireless,Metasploit!!!Real world and affordable price…
    My opinion is to begin from vivek! I’m student on SWSE and i speak from personal experience

  • rocket

    CPTE is superior over CEH. The CPTE has labs with Kali Linux and Windows 2010. CEH is still using Windows 2000.

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