Pwn Pad review – pentesting tablet

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Pwn Pad review – pentesting tablet

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We just have to report on this: the Pwn Pad. Our immediate thoughts are twofold, firstly it’s like “Pimp my Pad” and secondly, it’s damn cool.

We had an excellent Hacker Hotshot show with Jonathan Cran, CTO from Pwnie Express (the fine people that make the Pwn Pad) last November 7th titled: “Advanced Persistent PenTesting: Fighting Fire with Fire”.

Jonathan spoke to us about several Pwnie Express products – all of which shine on their own merits, but the Pwn Pad looks particularly awesome.

The Pwn Pad which was showcased at RSA 2013 is essentially a pimped-out James Bond Nexus (00)7 tablet that runs a plethora of pentesting tools. From our understanding the device, which is clearly aimed at security professionals and penetration/ intrusion detection experts, has a lean towards being able to sniff and evaluate wired and wireless networks. Auditing networks is obviously a huge component of any penetration testing.

Key features
Aside from being a Nexus 7 tablet, core features include Android OS 4.2 running Ubuntu 12.04 as the preferred Linux Distro; a large screen, long-lasting battery; the OSS-based pentester toolkit; and long range wireless packet injection. Accessories include the TP-Link TL-WN722N (atheros usb wifi), Sena UD100 (Bluetooth USB), USB Ethernet and a OTG cable in USB host mode.

Penetration testing tools
It’s all about the tools. Just as a good plumber can’t work without their tools, so the same applies to the pentester or security professional. We listed our favourite 2013 here, but this isn’t about us, this post is about the awesome Pwn Pad! Here is the arsenal it packs:

Wireless Tools

Bluetooth Tools: (worth us mentioning our “Passive Bluetooth Monitoring in Scapy” Hacker Hotshot with Ryan Holeman if Bluetooth hacking is your thing, Feb 28th 2013).
Ubertooth tools
Web Tools

Network Tools
Nmap (We have an excellent Nmap course for those interested, titled: “Determining Attack Surfaces and Vulnerable Systems Using Nmap” which includes a 90 min video and slides).
Ettercap-ng 7.5.3
SSLstrip v9
Hamster and Ferret
Metasploit 4
Easy-Creds v3.7.3
John (JTR)
Medusa 2.1.1

Last word
The Pwn Pad – is clearly aimed at the professional commercial market so it is clearly occupying a niche position. We view it in a similar fashion to the Panasonic range of toughbooks in the sense that the product range perfectly addresses what a specific group of people actually need.

The Pwn Pad as stated above, has a lean towards wifi hacking (network administration) with its’ range of tools that can evaluate wired and wireless networks. This product makes it an ideal product choice for the travelling pentester. Not only is the tablet fast, lightweight and has a long battery life, it also boasts a large 7” screen.

Sure, you can get all the pentesting tools online and for free (for the most part) the Pwn Pad eliminates headaches by searching for and getting drivers to work – these guys have done what System 76 have done with computers and Ubuntu – i.e. matching hardware perfectly with niche software/ operating systems.

Anyways! You will be the judge! Write your comments below and go and check out the Pwn Pad here. The product retails for $800 as at the start of March 2013.

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