The SEO Volatility Tool (See How Google Tests)

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Professional SEOs will know that SERPs are not static “in that moment of time”.

What I mean is: not every single person will see the exact same Search Engine Results.

There are several reasons for that such as the user’s browser cookies (past searches), preferences, and other variables – and even Google Real Estate pushing down results.

This SEO tool, called SEO Volatility, is my new favorite Go-To tool to check for your REAL SEO rankings – and not just what you and your client or boss see.

What My Video Describing SEO Volatility

I made a little 5-minute video explaining how I use this SEO tool and how you can too!

(By the way, I am NOT an affiliate – it’s just an honest review!)

How Does It Work?

This SEO tool works by running Searches on your behalf using proxies and localized IP addresses. Say for example you want to know your real rankings for a keyword like:

Car Rental Hire New York

The tool goes out and fetches the results seen by those IP addresses in New York (as per this example).

You’ll notice that some people will see certain results differently.

If a winning position is consistently at position #1 then that tells you that Google is rewarding that site for that keyword and it is going to be quite tricky to claim that spot.

However, if you notice that there is volatility for position #2, i.e. that 70% of the searches see the site in position #2, whilst the other 30% see the same site (URL) in position #5 – then that tells you that Google is testing that URL – and that information is golden for an SEO.

What’s The Benefit Of Using This SEO Tool?

The main benefit of using this tool (which I use on a daily basis) is that you get a clear picture of how (and if) Google is testing your matched URL to the keyword.

If you are being tested then it gives you a heads-up to go and tweak items like:

  • Content optimization
  • Meta Data enhancement (to improve your CTR and rankings)
  • Get better backlinking (as per the competition)
  • Or maybe improve your Core Web Vitals

In any event – the benefit of this tool is that it is showing you in an easy-to-understand manner – where you are in your rankings at that moment in time.

The beauty of this keyword ranking tool is that it stores the results as both a .csv file as well as a .html file that you can refer back to. So – after you’ve made your edits and tweaks on that matched URL, you can re-enter the search terms (and make sure you use the same localized settings) to see the impact that your efforts have had by simply comparing the two results.

It’s neat and tidy and I use it in my day-to-day SEO: I’m a full-time SEO so it is vital for me to see REAL results.

Final Thoughts!

The final thing to say about SEO Volatility is that it clearly outlines to your boss or employer where you are genuinely ranking for a specific keyword.

If you do any form of reporting (like I do for example on a monthly basis) then this SEO tool is a godsend and helps you accurately (and professionally) educate your client or boss with your SEO efforts.

All-in-all, SEO Volatility is a tool that I use on a daily basis, along with others like Accuranker, Ahrefs, SurferSEO, and a few others.

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