Penetration Testing Certification [APT Level 1]

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Penetration Testing Certification [APT Level 1]

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We are very proud of our Applied Penetration Testing Level 1 Certification and we believe for all the right reasons.

We will discuss the modules and syllabus of the course towards the end of this post, but why don’t we just let the video do the talking!

Update! Video has been removed. Sorry!

Video Narrative:

So, you want to become a penetration tester, but you feel overwhelmed by choice.

There are literally hundreds of different certifications out there and they all cost thousands of dollars. What you’re looking for is a course that is both affordable and gives you practical exercises to try out your Ninja Hacking Skills.

Introducing the Applied Penetration Testing Level 1 Certification! The Applied Penetration Testing Level 1 is a mentored course where you study at your own pace and practice your hacking skills in a lab and you receive a certificate of completion! To learn more about Applied Penetration Testing Level 1 Certification, please visit Concise Courses dot com now. The link is in the description below.

Video By Tomoko Ota! (Design: Concise Courses) Voice Over By Henry Dalziel (CTO: Concise Courses)

Who is this course aimed at?
This mentored course is a ‘Penetration Testing Training Program’ that is has the enormous advantage of being highly affordable.

Applied Penetration Testing L-1 [APT-L1] is an affordable beginners-level penetration testing course. The course has been developed by Jeremy Faircloth, a highly experienced InfoSec Professional. Jeremy aimed the course at Database and Network Administrators, System and Network Administrators and Engineers who are seeking an understanding of general penetration testing methodologies.

Here’s a brief overview of the course modules!
Altogether there are eight modules. They are:

  • Class 1: Toolset Introduction.
  • Class 2: Basics
  • Class 3: Reconnaissance, Scanning and Enumeration
  • Class 4: Web Servers
  • Class 5: Databases
  • Class 6: Service Exploitation
  • Class 7: Leveraging Your Targets
  • Class 8: Password Attacks

Here are the main points about this course:

1. This is a superb way to learn how to execute and manage a penetration test against a custom-made lab which was specifically for this course! (For those that are interested, the Lab is a custom made BackTrack Linux Distro).

This course, Level-1, is aimed at beginners but we have also had plenty of professionals doing this course as a ‘re-fresher’.
2. This pentesting course is very affordable. You will be surprised at just how affordable it is.
3. It is mentored by the course creator – Jeremy Faircloth himself! Who better to teach, train and advise you but the main man himself!
4. There is no start date, end date, or deadlines, i.e. you study as and when you can.

About the course instructor and developer: Jeremy Faircloth
Jeremy Faircloth (CISSP, Security+, CCNA, MCSE, MCP+I, A+) is a highly skilled InfoSec professional with a background in managing IT teams for Fortune 500 organizations. He is a member of the Society for Technical Communication and he often acts as a technical resource for other IT professionals through teaching and writing.

Jeremy’s written a ton of excellent books too, two titles include: “including Penetration Tester’s Open Source Toolkit” and “Security+ Study Guide”.

As a systems and network engineer with over two decades experience Jeremy crafted a superb course that has been very well received by over 250 students worldwide!

In Summary
Sure, we are biased. It is our course and obviously we are going to write about it in a favorable light, but you will be very hard pressed to find a better, more trusted – and proven – information security course in the world that is mentored and practical.

Check out the course page, and let us know your thoughts below. Are you beginner? What are you looking for in an Information Security certification?

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