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Our Past Hacker Hotshot Events » 2014:

December 18th Matt Hastings & Ryan Kazanciyan "Investigating PowerShell Attacks"
December 9th Jerod Brennen "How To Master Infosec Management Fundamentals"
November 25th Kevin Thompson "Leviathan: Command and Control Communications on Planet Earth"
November 25th Robert Wood "Need to learn how to build a successful Red Team?"
November 20th Greg Castle "GRR Rapid Response Framework (GRR) Find All the Badness, Collect All the Things"
November 19th Edmond Rogers "Badger - The Networked Security State Estimation Toolkit"
November 13th Catherine Pearce & Patrick Thomas "Multipath TCP: Breaking Today's Networks with Tomorrow's Protocols"
November 6th Jason Larsen "Miniaturization - Shrinking a SCADA process control attack to fit into a sensor"
November 5th Dr Silvio Cesare "Security analysis using Software Defined Radio"
November 4th Julian Cohen "Contemporary Automatic Program Analysis"
October 30th Xiaoran Wang "RAVAGE - Runtime Analysis of Vulnerabilities and Generation of Exploits"
October 29th Ben Stock "Call To Arms: A Tale of the Weaknesses of Current Client-Side XSS Filtering"
October 28th Dr. Paul Vixie "Abuse of CPE Devices and Recommended Fixes"
October 23rd Jacob Holcomb "Network Attached Shell: N.A.S.ty Systems that Store Network Accessible Shells"
October 22nd Tao Wei & Yulong Zhang "Sidewinder Targeted Attack Against Android in the Golden Age of Ad Libs"
October 21st Alex Pinto "Secure Because Math: A Deep-Dive on Machine Learning-Based Monitoring"
October 16th Stephen Breen "Mobile Device Mismanagement"
October 15th Raj Bandyopadhyay "Lifecycle of a Phone Fraudster: Exposing Fraud Activity from Reconnaissance to Takeover Using Graph Analysis and Acoustical Anomalies"
October 10th Jesus Molina "Learn How to Control Every Room at a Luxury Hotel Remotely: The Dangers of Insecure Home Automation Deployment"
October 9th Daniel Buentello "Smart Nest Thermostat: A Smart Spy in Your Home"
October 8th Balint Seeber "Hacking the Wireless World with Software Defined Radio - 2.0"
October 7th Antoine Delignat-Lavaud "The BEAST Wins Again: Why TLS Keeps Failing to Protect https"
October 1st Xiaoning Li "Defeating the Transparency Feature of DBI"
September 30th Joel Weinberger "What is the Content Security Policy (CSP)? - and, Why Haven't You Applied it Yet?"
September 25th Jacob I. Torrey "MoRE Shadow Walker: The Progression of TLB-Splitting on x86"
September 19th Eric Olson "Defining and Building an Effective Threat Intelligence Capability"
September 18th Joshua Schroeder "CCTV: Setup, Attack Vectors, and Laws"
September 16th Rami Essaid "How To Prevent Bot Attacks"
September 3rd Chris Truncer & Will Schroeder "AV Evasion With the Veil Framework"
August 27th Robert Wood "Next Generation Red Teaming"
August 19th Mark Stanislav "Eyes on IZON Surveilling IP Camera Security"
July 23rd David Grazio "What Everybody Ought to Know About PCI DSS and PA-DSS "
July 1st Anthony Di Bello "Barbarians Are Inside The Gate"
May 15th Brent Huston "Advanced Threat Detection In ICS/ SCADA Environments"
May 14th Bennett Arron "How To Steal An Identity"
May 8th Rami Essaid "e-Commerce Bot Attacks! Learn How To Protect Your Website From Price Scraping"
April 2nd Rob Simmons "Capturing Malware Binaries from Drive-by Attacks"
February 25th Joonas Kuorilehto "Eliminate Corporate Reputation Threat: Preemptive Security Testing Explained"
February 21st Joe Weiss "Incidents and examples of ICS threats: Aurora and Stuxnet"
February 19th Eric Olson "Identifying Attackers from Network Evidence"
February 18th Nicholas Arvanitis "Securing Social Media in the Enterprise"
February 13th Diego Matute "Three Simple Steps To Protect Your Enterprise From Bad Passwords"
February 11th Jon Manning "Control Your Confidential Information & Prevent Data Leaks. Data Loss Prevention Explained"
February 6th Joe Weiss "Part 1 of 2 in our SCADA Security Series: "How is securing ICSs different than securing IT?"
February 5th Tobias Knecht "Control Network Abuse Without Having To Fight It!"
January 28th Rami Essaid "Bots: How to Detect and Prevent Them"
January 23rd Michael Hatjiyannis "Identity and Access Management for the Cloud – The Hybrid Reality"
January 22nd Dr. Larry Ponemon "CISOs: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly"
January 21st David Jacobson "Simple and Secure Online Age Verification"
January 16th Luke Briner "PixelPin: Replace passwords with pictures!"
January 15th Johnny Ayers "Prevent Online Fraud And Easily Detect If An ID Is Authentic"
January 10th Carl Herberger "The Art of CyberWar"
January 8th Xavier Roussel "Self-Fuzzer Firefox Extension Explained"
January 7th Jim Manico "Web App Access Control Design"
January 2nd Jeff Bardin "Building an Effective Cyber Intelligence Program"

Our Past Hacker Hotshot Events » 2013:

December 13th John C. A. Bambenek "How To Set Up Your Collective Intelligence Framework"
November 25th Winn Schwartau & Renderman "The Sky is Falling: Hacking the Air Traffic Corridors"
November 13th Sinan Eren "Delivering Secure Enterprise Mobility. Any Application on Any Device, Seamlessly!"
November 13th Andrew MacPherson "Maltego Tungsten as a collaborative attack platform"
November 12th Ryan Berg "What's Hiding in Your Software Components? Hidden Risks of Component-Based Software Development"
November 8th Winn Schwartau & Dr. Rick Forno "Understanding the Cyber Battlefield"
November 8th Sumit 'Sid' Siddharth "Learn Advanced SQL Injection Techniques Against Oracle Databases"
November 6th Sean McDonald "HOTPin Two-Factor Authentication"
November 5th Donald Shin "Take the Guesswork Out of Your Network Security Investments"
November 5th Esben Friis-Jensen "Reward Programs as a Service"
November 1st Winn Schwartau & Jason Healey "Cyberspace is a War Zone"
October 30th Jason Kent "Don't Let your Website Spread Malware - A New Approach to Web Application Security"
October 30th Josh Saxe "CrowdSource: An Open Source, Crowd Trained Machine Learning Model for Malware Capability Detection"
October 29th Antti Levomaki & Olli-Pekka Niemi "Evading Deep Inspection For Fun And Shell"
October 28th Richard Stiennon, Matthew Luallen, Marcelo Branquinho, Michael Assante & Robert Lee "SCADA & Me"
October 25th Winn Schwartau & Dr Kuehl "How IW/IO Education Strategically Fails"
October 24th Matthew Bergin & Taylor Pennington "Kfuzz & The cat's meow"
October 24th Ajin Abraham "OWASP Xenotix XSS Exploit Framework"
October 23rd Andrew Avanessian "Compliance in Finance"
October 22nd Matthew Prince "Lessons from Surviving a 300Gbps Denial of Service Attack"
October 22nd Guy Bunker "APTs: Unauthorized information transfer."
October 18th Winn Schwartau & Matt Devost "Infowar 1994 vs. 2014. Has our national defense improved or faltered?"
October 17th Dr. Zejin Jason Ding "Social Klepto"
October 16th Huzefa Olia "The Need for Risk Analytics"
October 16th Jeff Forristal "Android: One root to own them all: Android Master-Key Vulnerability"
October 15th Andrew Hoog "How To Turn BYOD Risk Into Mobile Security Strength"
October 10th Gerry Texeira "The Annihilation of Usernames and Passwords (For Real)"
October 10th Behrang Fouladi "Honey, I'm home!! - Hacking Z-Wave Home Automation Systems"
October 8th Brendan O'Connor "CreepyDOL: Cheap, Distributed Stalking"
October 3rd William Gibb "iocwriter_11"
October 2nd Perez-Etchegoyen/ Santarsieri "Unbreakable Oracle ERPs? Attacks on Siebel & JD Edwards"
October 1st Jeff Williams "Looking For A Simple Tool To Test Web Apps?"
October 1st Chuck Willis "OWASP Broken Web Applications VM"
September 27th Domingo Guerra "Status of App (in)Security: A look at common risky behaviors in the top 400 iOS and Android Apps"
September 19th Daniel Bradberry "Drozer!"
September 18th Josh Sokol "SimpleRisk: Open Source Risk Management Tool"
September 12th Jason Kent "Uncovering Malware in Your Website"
September 10th Jaime Filson/ Rob Fuller "gitDigger: Creating useful wordlists from public GitHub repositories"
September 5th Joe Grand "JTAGulator: Assisted discovery of on-chip debug interfaces"
September 4th Angelo Corsaro "Building the Internet of Things with DDS"
September 3rd Joanne Furtsch "Are Your Audience-Building Efforts Suffering Due to Consumer Privacy Concerns?"
August 29th Robert Reed "Memory Forensics & Forensic Incident Response"
August 27th Sean Malone "HiveMind: Distributed File Storage Using JavaScript Botnets"
August 22nd Jason Wood "Free Tools to Monitor and Secure Your Wi-Fi Network"
August 21st Russell Butturini "Opening the Treasure Chest: Attacking Network Attached Storage on a Pen Test"
August 20th Jerod Brennen "Infosec Management Fundamentals"
August 15th Marc Shinbrood "Application Hackers Have A Handbook. Why Shouldn't You?"
August 14th Michael Coates "The State of OWASP"
August 8th Dan Kuykendall "Get off your AMF and don't REST on JSON"
August 7th James Wickett "Gauntlt Rugged By Example"
August 6th Gary Warner "Malware, Phishing: the Need for Intelligent Response"
August 1st Jason Mortensen "Website Impersonation Attacks: Who is REALLY Behind That Mask?"
July 31st Eric Deshetler "Learn How To Crack SIP Authentication & Listen To VoIP Calls In 15-Minutes!"
July 30th John Pironti "Changing the Mindset: Creating a Risk-Conscious Culture"
July 25th Brent Huston "Information Overload, Future Shock, IBM & The Nature of Modern Crime"
July 24th Sherif Koussa "Secure Code Reviews Magic or Art?"
July 18th Jeff Crume "How Secure Are We? Identity Management and Social Networking Threats"
July 17th John B. Dickson "Top Strategies to Capture Security Intelligence for Applications"
July 16th Dan Cornell "The Magic of Symbiotic Security Creating an Ecosystem of Security Systems: ThreadFix"
July 11th Gary Miliefsky "NSA Spying Concerns? Learn Counterveillance!"
July 10th George Hadjiyanis "Control Your Public and Private Clouds"
June 13th George Noseevich "No locked doors. No windows barred. Hacking OpenAM Infrastructure"
May 14th Nikita Abdullin "Modern payments security EMV NFC etc"
May 7th Phil Young "Mainframed: The Secrets Inside that Black Box"
May 2nd Alejandro Caceres "PunkSPIDER: An Open Source, Scalable Distributed Fuzzing Project Targeting the Entire Internet"
April 24th Michael Boman "Malware Analysis on a shoe-string budget"
April 16th Justin Searle "Pentesting Smart Grid Web Apps"
April 10th Andrew Gavin "Post Exploitation Nirvana Launching OpenDLP Agents over Meterpreter Sessions"
April 9th Lavakumar Kuppan "IronWASP – Open Source Web Security Testing Platform"
April 4th Dr. Phil Polstra "Bypassing Endpoint Security for $20"
April 3rd Joe Bardwell "802.11ac Packet Capture and RF Behavior for Client Device Analysis"
April 2nd Svetlana Gaivoronski "Demorpheus Getting Rid Of Polymorphic Shellcodes In Your Network"
March 28th Randy Gainer "Mobile Payment Litigation Risks"
March 27th Sergio Valderrama "Scylla and 1.0 Alpha"
March 20th B0b Pan "APK File Infection on Android System"
March 19th Josh Thomas "Off-Grid Communications with Android"
March 14th Chris Conley "Bad and Sometimes Good Tech Policy. It is Not Just a DC Thing"
March 12th Christopher Pogue "OPFOR 4 Ever"
March 7th Dan Tentler "Shodan: Drinking From the Caffeine Firehose"
March 6th Jeremy Faircloth "Basic system scan and exploit XSS using BackTrack"
Feb 28th Ryan Holeman "Passive Bluetooth Monitoring in Scapy"
Feb 26th Adam Baldwin "Blind XSS"
Feb 23rd Jonathan Walker "Determining Attack Surfaces and Vulnerable Systems Using Nmap"
Feb 21st Nadeem Douba "Sploitego"
Feb 20th Eric Reed "How To Sniff A Switched Network in 15 Minutes"
Feb 19th Jonathan Walker "Determining Attack Surfaces and Vulnerable Systems"
Feb 19th Dan Petro "Network Anti-Reconnaissance"
Feb 12th Jonathan Schipp "Intro to Network Traffic Analysis"
Feb 7th Zoltan Balazs "Zombie Browsers Spiced With Rootkit Extensions"
Jan 30th Josh Shaul "Hacking The Big 4 Databases"
Jan 29th Alexander Polyakov "Breaking SAP Portal"
Jan 24th  Larry Pesce "Hacking Survival"
Jan 22nd Gianni Gnesa "Advanced Industrial Espionage Attacks"
Jan 17th David Willson "Active Defense: Can You Legally Go Beyond Your Network to Defend Yourself?"
Jan 16th Siobhan MacDermott "Wide Open Privacy"
Jan 15th Gary Miliefsky "Bulletproof IT Security"
Jan 10th Brian Martin "Secrets of Running a Consulting Business"

Our Past Hacker Hotshot Events » 2012:

December 20th Eric Filiol "Dynamic Cryptographic Backdoors!"
December 19th Nicolas Gregoire "Attacking XML Processing"
December 18th Winn Schwartau "Helping Kids Learn About Cyber Safety"
December 12th Steven Fox "FedRAMP How the Feds Plan to Manage Cloud Security Risks"
December 6th Marcia Hofmann "Legal Issues in Mobile Security Research"
December 5th Dr. Galina Pildush "UnVeiling LTE Cloud Security"
December 4th Chris Silvers "Go With the Flow: Strategies For Successful Social Engineering"
November 29th Eric Leblond "Playing with Network Layers to Bypass Firewalls' Filtering Policy"
November 28th Thomas Holt "Identifying Cyber Warriors"
November 27th Ilja van Sprundel "Auditing iPhone and iPad applications"
November 20th Deral Heiland "If you own a Multi Function Printer (MFP), then I own you!"
November 14th Ryk Edelstein "The Cicada Solution"
November 14th G Mark Hardy "Hacking as an ACT OF WAR!"
November 8th Jordan Sissel "Open source log and event management"
November 7th Jonathan Cran "Advanced Persistent PenTesting: Fighting Fire with Fire"
November 6th DJ Palombo "Raspberry Pi Hacking"
October 24th Georgia Weidman "Smartphone Penetration Testing Framework"
October 23rd Aamir Lakhani "Bring Your Own Disaster"
October 17th Rob Randell "Architecting and Building a Secure Virtual Infrastructure and Private Cloud"
October 16th Winn Schwartau "Solving the Cyber Security Hiring Crisis DHS and the Great Talent Search"
October 11th Simon Crosby "A Tale of Two Clouds: The One in Your Data Center and Your Pocket"
October 11th Ray Friedman "Advanced Persistent Threats"
October 9th Michael Berman "Security and Software-Defined Networks"
October 3rd Ian Moyse "The Challenges And Concerns Of Adopting Cloud"
September 27th Mario Heiderich "HTML5 Security Cheat Sheet"
September 26th Chris Danzig "Kim Dotcom Is Not Kim il-Sung"
September 20th Janakiram "Top ten reasons why start-ups should consider cloud"
September 18th Rich Casselberry "Choosing the right cloud provider"
September 13th Shreeraj Shah "HTML5 Next Generation Attacks"
September 12th Jay Judkowitz "Cloudstack Rapid Fire Vendor Responses"
September 12th Michelle Dennedy "How Secure Is Your Child's Social Security Number?"
September 4th Steve Orrin "Mobility in the Cloud"
August 30th Richard Stiennon "Getting Into Gartner's Magic Quadrant"
August 28th Seth Robinson "Penetrating the Cloud Opportunities and Challenges for Business"
April 10th Kevin Henry "Five Advanced Persistent Threats APT You MUST Know About"

Our Past Hacker Hotshot Events » 2011: