Is The OSCP Certification Difficult? Advice From OSCP Cert Holders

OSCP is one of the most recognized and respected Cybersecurity Certifications out there.

Posted by Henry Dalziel  |  December 16, 2019  |   Questions / Comments 6

Is The OSCP Certification Difficult? Advice From OSCP Cert Holders

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We inteview a bunch of people that have passed OSCP and ask them how difficult it was to pass OSCP.
Henry Dalziel
Henry Dalziel | December 16, 2019

- C|EH, Security+, MSc Marketing Management;
- Based in Hong Kong for the last five years;
- Cybersecurity Pro & Growth Hacker

We’ve been covering Cybersecurity training for many years now, but one certification has really caught our attention; and that’s the OSCP Certification. The Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) course and certification is the sequential certification to a course called “Penetration Testing with Kali Linux”. The folks behind Kali Linux are responsible for the OSCP Course (as well as a bunch of other ones).

Here’s why we think the OSCP is the real deal and the bad-ass cybersecurity cert you can achieve: it tests the individual by assessing their penetration testing process and life-cycle through an arduous twenty-four (24) hour certification exam! That’s right. 24 Hours! Pretty awesome…

The end result is that the professional that has passed OSCP has clearly demonstrated their ability to be presented with an unknown network, enumerate the targets within their scope, exploit them, and clearly document their results in a penetration test report (which is also a requirement).

In this post we ask current Professional Penetration Testers and Cybersecurity Professionals how they trained for and passed the OSCP Certification.

Saravana Kumar

Try Harder ! And Enumeration is the Key.

Ajay Choudhary

Keep an Eye on Enumeration.

Brian Johnson

Be VERY disciplined about time management. If you’ve got a family and a full-time job like I did, make sure your significant other, kids etc. are supportive of this effort as you’ll likely need to spend many red-eye hours studying and working through the labs. You’ll probably need to sacrifice personal/family time to succeed and obtaining the OSCP.

Muhammed Bassem

You should master the Exploit development and privileges escalation techniques, follow the technical blogs for g0tmi1k, security-tube, fuzzysecurity, c0relan, offensivesecurity, Infosec Institute, SANS reading room, Blackhat/ DEFCON/ Hackinthebox Conferences youtube channels, opensecurity, theamazingking, samsclass, github resources and play CTF.

Martin Voelk

Hands on practice. Theoretical knowledge is not enough and the more lab time you can get the better. The OSCP labs are great.

Sandro Zaccarini

Don’t overlook the enumeration phase: everything you need is just in front of you, no hint nor question just a good enumeration.

Grant Boudreau

Try to pwn every lab machine. There is a different skill gained from every machine. It helped me passing my exam as two machines were very similar to two of the lab machines.

Yamal Patel

Try Hard. Try Harder. Hand On practice is must. Give dedicated time to exploit each machine in different Lab networks and increase your skill set to do Python scripting along with that. Don’t lose your concentration throughout the Lab period and stay focused.

Andres Amado

Perseverance and effort

Hamed Farid

Try harder.

Luka Sikic

Learn privilege escalation.

Kaleem Shaik

Learn buffer overflow and privilege escalation. Do labs well.

Sparsh Owlak

Do not underestimate or assume anything. More you’ll try, more you’ll learn.

Prem Kumar

Be through with your basics.

Ahmed Mohamed

Get yourself familiar by practicing on the machines at This place will arm you with more than the skills you need to pass OSCP.

N Vivek

Try to finish at least 30 machines OSCP lab and then give a try. Then It will be more easier to pass OSCP on time.

Ye Yint Min Thu Htut (OSCE, OSCP, CREST CRT)

Please do not be discouraged if you failed. Try Again, Try Harder and earn your OSCP Certification.

Choudhary Muhammad Osama

Master yourself in privilege escalation and try to work on some vulnerable machines available at “VulnHub” to get the knowledge of privilege escalation.

Malkit Singh

Try Harder, Try Harder till you succeed. Enumerate each bit of the machine to get the next hint. Obviously Hands on practice with Kali Linux is must and one should always think about “what next?”…

Ferdi Bak

Strategy, Methodology & Time Management are key: Make up a strategy to avoid rabbit holes, plan your available exam time well and create a battle plan and stick to it.

Nikhil Kumar

Complete at least 30 machines in lab before trying to tackle the exam. Learn buffer overflow before exam: Vivek Ramachandran buffer overflow videos were very helpful for me.

6 responses to “Is The OSCP Certification Difficult? Advice From OSCP Cert Holders”

  1. Nikhil Tyagi says:

    The next is OSCP for me!

  2. Ash Kamas says:

    What are the thoughts on the follow on 48 and 72 hr exams? My view is that if the exam is not tough then it’s not worth doing. I kind of dismissed the CEH when I came across OSCP. I welcome your thoughts folks..

    • Totally agree with your comments. I tool the CEH and passed it the first time.

      The obvious and main difference is that CEH is multiple choice whereas the OSCP is totally and completely practical. The feeling I get is that the OSCP gets more love from hardcore and more experienced Cybersecurity Professionals whilst CEH was the first-to-market and benefitted from the growing need of InfoSec professionals in the space. If I were you I’d definitely try and get the OSCP. Once you have that then if HR or recruiters also want to see the CEH on your CV then go ahead and take that too. OSCP is more difficult than the CEH there’s no doubt on that.

  3. Prabbhu says:

    Hi, could you please tell me any training available for OSCP?

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