Professor Messer and Eli the computer guy: our favorite online educators

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Professor Messer and Eli the computer guy: our favorite online educators

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This purpose of this post is to give out some love and respect to two Internet educators that in our opinion deserve a lot of credit!

Like the music industry, the education industry is going through great transformation, specifically with the rise of the “free learning” model. There are millions of examples we could give like coursera, Udacity and our favorite, the Khan Academy!

Concise Courses specializes in information security training and short courses, something that we really enjoy teaching. We always try and make the training as affordable as possible. Our quick and proud disclaimer: we work with Professor Messer in the sense that, although his content is free, there are also additional materials that students can purchase to compliment their learning. We firmly believe in the quality of Professor Messer’s products hence our affiliation.

Back to the post! OK, so the two instructors that we want to bring to your attention are, as we mentioned, Professor Messer and Eli the Computer Guy.

Professor Messer
Professor Messer, with his 24,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, is an excellent teacher and explains the subject matter in a clear and concise manner. His CompTIA Security+ course is particularly good – all 180 videos! His content (all videos hosted on YouTube) are not only free but have been broken down as per CompTIA’s actual syllabuses. His YouTube following is impressive and we personally know many students that have used his material to pass their certifications. Professor Messer is an example of just how the education industry is changing – and changing rapidly. Technology facilitates course (educational) materials to be hosted and delivered with increased ease and capacity What that all means is that learning, over the last decade, has become more accessabile and will continue to become moreso.

Eli the Computer Guy
Eli is a hero in the Concise Courses office. In fact, two of our team members have learned PHP Programming from Eli’s PHP YouTube play-list. His PHP course, for example, is approximately 11 hours of superb content delivered in a very clear and easy manner to understand. Simply said, Eli is a really good teacher. With fast approaching 75,000 subscribers (or better said, students) Eli is going to continue to positively influence a lot of people. Just read the comments in his videos. Aside from the usual trolls you will see some truly inspirational comments from genuine folk saying how Eli has helped them.

Last word
Whereas Eli is an all round tech guy, Professor Messer has a lean towards security, hence our association with Mr Messer. Owing to our personal development as a result of watching Eli – we just had to show him some love as well! Thanks Eli! Certainly, there are many many more IT instructors online churning out amazing content but Eli and Professor Messer are our current favourites. Would you like to recommend someone else? We’d be happy to add them to this post.

  • mike mullins

    Thanks for showing the love to these guys. I’m taking Eli’s courses and having a blast.

  • Mohammed Alhafiz Dolib

    Am one of many learned alot from Professor Messer and Eli the computer guy. in several field in IT from information security, networking, Hardware and software. Thanks for both guys.

  • Vee

    Eli is my Hero! My Wreck it Ralph! I paid so much for a course for which I have certificates but did not understand ANYTHING! until I watched Eli. I am so grateful he explains the concept in a manner in which I understand. Thanks to Jacob Williams for recommending Eli!
    Thank-you Henry for this blog 😉

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