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Nullcon Security Conference 2013

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We just wanted to bring to your attention the Nullcon Goa – International Security Conference on 27 Feb – 2 Mar 2013 at the Bogmallo Beach Resort, Goa, India.

The information security conference brings together CXOs, Security Researchers, IT Professionals and Senior Management – all to discuss issues relating to IT security. This is the first major information security conference of 2013.

Here is a brief overview of the speakers and their topics:

Janardhana Swamy: Member of Parliament in India discussing Security & Politics
Richard Thieme: Staring into the Abyss
Ajin Abraham: Detecting & Exploiting XSS Vulnerabilities
(For those interested in XSS you might be interested in our XML Hacker Hotshow with Nicolas Gregoire)
Friji Karthikeyan: FOSS meets trance
Yury Chemerkin: Security Evaluation or Escaping from “Vulnerability Prison”
Sumit Siddharth: The art of exploiting logic flaws in web apps
Rahul Sasi – SMS to Meterpreter: Fuzzing USB Modems
Ksenia Dmitrieva: HTML5 – attack and defence
(For those interested in HTML5 please our Hacker Hotshots shows:
HTML5 Security Cheat Sheet with Mario Heiderich
HTML5 Next Generation Attacks with Shreeraj Shah
Rishi Narang: Inception of graphical passwords
Piyush Pattanayak: CSRF Finder as a Mozilla Addon
Divyanshu Anshul: Pawning the Droid – Twisting the ARM
(For those interested in mobile security apps you might be interested in 2012 Hacker Hotshot show: Smartphone Penetration Testing Framework and Georgia Weidman)
Raymond Forbes: Bug Bounty Programs – Crowd sourcing vulnerability research
Lavakumar Kuppan: Automating JavaScript Static Analysis
Hemil Shah: Mobile Code mining for discovery and exploits

Similar to the Hacker Halted event (organized by EC-Council), the nullcon security event also contains training. The security courses include:

The following three training events have a duration of one day – Wednesday February 27th 2013

1. Xtreme Web Hacking with Akash Mahajan and Riyaz Walikar
2. The Art of Exploiting Injection Flaws with Sumit Siddharth
3. Cyber Warfare Intelligence and Intrusion Operations with Atul Agarwal
(For those interested in Cyber Warfare you might be interested in our 2012 Hacker Hotshow show with titled: Identifying Cyber Warriors)

The next group of hacking and counter-hacking training schedules last for a couple of days:

1. Xtreme Android Hacking with Aseem Jakhar
2. Penetration Testing SmartGrid and SCADA with Justin Searle
3. Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis with Abhisek Datta
4. Xtreme Exploitation with Omair
5. Mobile Application Hacking: Attacks and Defense with Hemil Shah

Let us know if you were there! We’d love to hear your comments.

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