Need directions with nmap? Here are 3 easy quick resources and nmap tutorials!

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Need directions with nmap? Here are 3 easy quick resources and nmap tutorials!

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We run an Nmap live training class approximately every two weeks with the excellent Scott Drew. The title of our live course (which lasts 90 minutes) is “Everything You Need To Know About Using Nmap!.” We also have live demo’s using Nmap which you can register for. There is nothing to download and its’ free!

Update! We are no longer running this cyber course, but go ahead and check out our Hacking Tools Directory.

September 4th 2013: The course has been updated!
To learn more just click the above link.

Our Nmap class has been created specifically for Network Administrators, Data Security Analysts, System Security Administrators, Network Security Engineer and Security Professionals and will teach you how to use the de-facto hacking and penetration testing tool all security professionals MUST know, Nmap!

After taking our Nmap training course you’ll have more confidence and an understanding of the art of exploitation, reconnaissance, and enumeration.

Class Learning Objectives Include:

  • How to scan both large and small networks
  • How to use Nmap to determine attack surfaces/vulnerabilities
  • Correspond Nmap scans to the largest hacking database
  • How to use metasploit exploitation framework
  • How to analyse packets on a network
  • Master the art of scanning and enumeration

If you don’t have the time to sit our class then this is a must: download the official “Nmap Project Guide to Network Discovery and Security Scanning” book, half of which is available online. The Nmap Network Scanning is the official guide to the Nmap Security Scanner. We’d recommend this book the most because it is written by the author of the security tool so if anyone knows how to use it and explain it – he does! The book explains port scanning basics for those new to the security tool and details how novices to detailing low-level packet crafting methods used by malicious hackers – and how to defend against the scans.

Another amazing resource – and sure, we are biased, is a video demonstrating Nmap by our very own Jonathan Walker. Hosted on YouTube this 16 minute Nmap tutorial clearly explains the fundamentals of scanning and using Nmap!

[Video Removed]

To meet the author of the above nmap tutorial video come and join us for our live fortnightly demo with Jonathan. [This has passed].

Can you think of any resource that we might include in this list? Please add a comment below.

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