Nmap Training. 90 mins long. Become a pro.

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Nmap Training. 90 mins long. Become a pro.

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Update to this post: we are no longer offering this course – sorry! However, hit up our nmap tool resources page for more concise information than the below.

Who doesn’t love Nmap?

Featured in the movies ad nauseumyou can see the list here – nmap really is the number one pentesting information security tool for network mapping. We dare you to counter that statement! Answers in the comment section below please…

Quick summary of what nmap is (for those that are not 100% sure!)

Nmap is a Network Mapper. It is an open source penetration testing tool for network exploration, intrusion detection and security auditing. Nmap has the capability of being able to scan large networks and is more than competent is scanning single hosts. There are literally hundreds to commands that you can throw at nmap – all of which offer varying levels of complexity in using IP packets to determine what hosts, applications, operating systems etc are available on the network. In summary it is a really powerful tool that has become the industry standard when it comes to defending and auditing security networks.

Nmap training
With the ‘necessity’ of learning how to use nmap correctly Concise Courses have developed a short one day online training course titled: “Everything You Need To Know About Using Nmap!”. Our course is specifically designed to help penetration testers, intrusion detection specialists or just anyone with an interest in the software to learn how to use namp to exploit their victims computer. We are not ashamed that we place emphasis on teaching how to ‘exploit a victims computer‘ because our genuine belief (which we share with many other infosec training organizations) is that it is better to think like and behave just like your adversary would to better defend and audit your own network.

Nmap training details
The Concise Courses nmap training package is a 90 minute live online class for Network Administrators, Data Security Analysts, System and Network Security Administrators, Network Security Engineer and Security Professionals who need to learn how to use or better use this de-facto hacking tool.

The end result is that after taking our 90-minute live online class, you’ll have greater confidence, less stress and have acquired solid skills in being able to master the art of exploitation, reconnaissance, and enumeration.

Class learning objectives:

  • Learn how to scan both large and small networks
  • How to use Nmap to determine attack surfaces/vulnerabilities
  • Correspond Nmap scans to the largest hacking database
  • How to use metasploit exploitation framework
  • How to analyze packets on a network
  • Master the art of scanning and enumeration

Testimonials of our Great Nmap Leader: Jonathan Walker

“Jonathan did a great job. I often attend the Hacker Hotshots Hangouts, which are great. This was the first training course that I have taken with CC and I am registered to begin CISSP training in about 10 days. I have used nmap extensively over the years, and know that it is a tool that takes time to master, so there is always room for improvement. Jonathan really explained the semantics of the tool and the practical application for different scenarios. For the price of this course, it can’t be beat. Valuable information. Well organized. Excellent presentation.”
J Taliento

For more information on the course please follow this link.

Also! We want to update you all on another penetration testing tool, or rather service, service called PUNKSpider. Very much within the same subject as Nmap, PUNKSpider gained cosniderable notoriety at ShmooCon 2013. PunkSPIDER is a web application vulnerability search engine powered by PunkSCAN. If our understanding is correct it is within the same realm of Shodan. What we do know is that PUNKSpider, using PunkSCAN, can scan vast amounts of architecture and web applications – looking for vulnerabilities. The security service can handle tens of thousands of scans every day!

And guess what! The author of PUNKSpider will be on Hacker Hotshots Thursday May 2nd 2013 at 1200 EST!!! If you are reading this after the event don’t worry the URL is permanent and the show will be recorded. The title of Alejandro’s presentation (the creator) is “PunkSPIDER: An Open Source, Scalable Distributed Fuzzing Project Targeting the Entire Internet”

As we discover more similarities between nmap and PUNKSpider/ PUNKScan we will add them to this page.

  • lanford

    In the process of trying to learn backtrack and nmap.

  • Malloc

    Also in the process of learning nmap. have loonger experiance from using linux and now gonna learn all there is to know about IT Security and all that comes with it. gonnna be fun as hell

    • Henry Dalziel

      Thanks for your comment! In fact, you timing is really great – you should check out ZMap – it’s like Nmap but on steroids. The program can scan EVERY IPv4 on the Internet in 45 minutes (providing the Internet connection is very broad and the server is powerful). Thanks again – Henry

  • jonathan aguire

    what if i don’t know how to use ruby programming language i only use visual basic, java and c++?

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