Nmap Courses Beginners (Hacker Tool Training)

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Nmap Courses Beginners (Hacker Tool Training)

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In this post we will review and list Nmap training courses that are aimed at beginners and those new to ‘computer/ network hacking’ and Cyber Security in general.

Heads Up! We will be adding new courses to this page in the next few months so be sure to come back and visit us!

If you are new to Information Security, or are considering starting a career in Cyber Security (an industry where there is tons of demand) then learning the basics of Nmap is a must. Indeed, it doesn’t matter which cyber niche you go into Nmap is one of those ‘hacking tools’ that you really must be able to use – and at the very least, know about. Even if you are not a network analyzer or security engineer, or Penetration Tester, you’ll still have to understand its’ use and how it works. Period.

Quick intro/ re-cap to Nmap and Zenmap
If you can work with Nmap then you’re onto a good thing since Nmap is the ‘command line’ version of the network scanner. Think of Nmap as the ‘bare bones’ version of the application. Nmap can be considered as being one of the top ten tools used by pentesters, ethical hackers and indeed all cyber security professionals so we obviously recommend that you become very competent and familiar with Nmap but we’d also suggest that you use Zenmap in ‘real life’ because it saves time and ultimately as InfoSec Cyber Professionals we are all about time efficiency and effectiveness in finding and patching vulnerabilities. So, to simplify, let Zenmap do the ‘heavy lifting for you’ rather than having to memorize all of those command lines. Learn the fundamentals of Nmap but execute in Zenmap.

Here are our two recommended Nmap courses that are perfectly suited for beginners and those new to scanning networks.

Our recommended Nmap Training Courses:

Recommended #1 Nmap Course
Here’s the link for more information: “Nmap – Learn to use the ultimate network scanner available”

Why are we recommending this particular course?
We liked this course because of its’ ‘easy to follow’ introductory approach. The instructor, Jimmy Larsson (there’s more information about him below) does an excellent job in explaining how to better use Nmap. This course is aimed at helping beginners learn useful scanning techniques, and, how to work with specific Nmap commands to get specific results. Lectures includes topics like how to specify targets, interpret and tweak the output results and how to do a script scan for enumeration or penetration testing purposes. This is not like other similar Nmap courses because Jimmy provides almost no powerpoint slides (which is no bad thing in our opinion); instead you’ll be taught within a ‘hands-on’ teaching methodology and within a short time you’ll be running and using Nmap like a pro!

You are advised, by the instructor, to have a good understanding of TCP/IP and to have Nmap installed on your computer. Obviously, if you have Kali Linux, or BackBox (either hard booted or in a Virtual Machine) then you’re good to go since Nmap ships with these two popular Pentesting Linux Distros.

Having completed this very affordable course, you will be able to use Nmap as network scanner; have an understanding on how each phase of an Nmap scan works; use NSE-scripts for advanced network enumeration, and, you’ll be able to apply different command options to tweak the behavior of Nmap to obtain certain results. Remember that no network or server (target) is the same!

About the Instructor
The instructor for this course is Mr. Jimmy Larsson, CISSP who is a senior Cyber Security consultant with over 25 years of general IT experience and 15 years specifically in “Routing & Switching and Security”. His experience is particularly suited to TCP/IP, routing, firewalls and switching so clearly he’s the man for Nmap Training!

Recommended #2 Nmap course
Here’s the link for more information: Nmap – Network Scanning Basics to Advanced Techniques

Why are we recommending this course?
This is another solid Nmap course in which students are, again, taught the basics of network scanning with Nmap and going into how you can safely and effectively use it in your network. This course will give practical examples to demonstrate on how to use this popular network scanning tool. The goals and objectives of this course are set out neatly with accurate and clear slides; with the presentations also being made available to students.

Topics include:

  • Getting and installing Nmap;
  • Reading, analyzing and saving scan output;
  • Types of Nmap port scans and when to use them;
  • Operating system discovery;
  • Performance and tuning considerations;
  • Nmap Scripting Engine;
  • Service detection scans;

We like this course because it takes a look ‘under the hood’ and it does offer a ton of value in being able to understand how Nmap works and how to use it. Upon course completion, you can expect to be able to edit and customize your scans to solve various problems.

Students should have the basic knowledge and skill to setup a virtual machine to run Nmap – but again, as stated above, Kail or BackBox will help you with that.

We like these two courses because they are affordable and you’ll almost certainly learn a great deal from them.

If you have taken these courses then let us know! We’d love to have your feedback!

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