Newspaper Stand Hack (Classic)

This growth hack is totally dependent on whether or not you have a newspaper stand in your city. 

In New York, Rome, London and Hong Kong, four cities I know well, they have newspaper stands, or ‘kiosks’ as some call them.

Newsstand operators traditionally make money by taking commissions from the sales of newspapers, magazines and by selling confectionery, cigarettes, and advertising on the sides of their premises.

Approach the newsstand operator and ask whether they’d be willing to hand out flyers to every person who purchases an item from their store. 

The hook is this: tell the newsstand operator that each flyer has a promo code that is directly attributed to them and they’ll receive commission per conversion. 

The nice and tidy thing about this hack is that if your service or product is local then it will work especially well.

I used this hack when I was working for a food delivery startup in Hong Kong and increased orders by 23% in a week. 

The newsstand I worked with had contracts to deliver newspapers to dozens of banks in the Business District so the lady who ran the store used to throw a bunch of flyers on each newspaper bundle. For each flyer that converted she received a cash payment of USD $5, not too shabby when she converted 148 in one week alone!

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