Offline News Stand LeadGen Hack

This offline growth hack can only work if you have newspaper stands in your city; also known as “Newspaper Kiosks”). 

In most cities I have lived they have all had newspaper stands.

Traditionally, newsstand owners make money by taking commissions on newspaper and magazine sales, as well as selling candy, cigarettes, and advertising on the sides of the stands.

Visit the newsstand owner and ask if they’d be willing to give out fliers to everyone who buys something from their business.

The pitch is to inform the newsstand operator that each flyer includes a discount code that is directly ascribed to them, and they will get a commission for each conversion.

The wonderful thing about this hack is that it works especially well if your service or product is local.

When I was working for a food delivery business in Hong Kong, I utilized this trick to raise orders by a healthy percent in a week.

The news kiosk where I tried this offline growth hack had contracts to transport newspapers to hundreds of banks in the Business District, so the owner used to slap a lot of fliers on each bundle of newspapers. She received a cash reward for each converted flyer.

This is a neat and effective offline growth hack that will help your lead generation activities.

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