List of networking security courses (within the IT Security space)

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List of networking security courses (within the IT Security space)

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Networking professionals are in-demand and as a career choice, getting involved in Security and Networking is a great idea. Chances are that you are reading this because you want to further your career opportunities and find a networking course that will help to enhance your CV.

Quick spoiler! This blog post is specifically for networking security courses!

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Quick background for those new to networking (and a reminder for the rest of us!)
Essentially, if you work in IT, then frankly, you are already working within networking parameters. All computers (well, almost all) are connected to a ‘computer-network’ that facilitates the transmission of data within the network. The Internet is basically an enormous data-exchange. Every time we request a simple web page (using protocols such as TCP/ IP) we are, for example, requesting for data to be transmitted via fiber optics via a network.

A discussion on what Network Nodes are could be useful here, but I’ll leave that to the fine folks over at PC Mag to better explain.

Networking security courses
We only have two courses in our ‘Networking Security Courses’ list, and if you feel that we might be missing one we’d really appreciate you to drop a comment below. The courses that we have identified in this space are both from EC Council: ‘Certified Network Defense Architect (CNDA)’ and ‘Network Security Administrator (ENSA)’.


Category Vendor Course Name Details
Networking EC Council Certified Network Defense Architect (CNDA) More Info
Networking EC Council Network Security Administrator (ENSA) More Info


Why this security niche and certification matters:
Although we have referred to ‘Network Security’ as a niche, in truth, it’s not really a niche since the subject encompasses a large amount of disciplines. However, although computer networking is omnipresent in everything we do, the security of these networks is very much absent within the ‘last-mile’ or at least within sections of the ‘last-mile’.

By last-mile technology, we are referring to the Internet network that exists at the neighborhood level. Typically, this ‘last-mile’ and the segment of the network within a local public or private corporation (at the customer level), is where the security networking professional come into play.

Security networking course syllabuses:
These courses typically address tactics that hackers would use when trying to infiltrate a network. Typically these certs would be taken by security officers, security auditors, senior InfoSec professionals, site administrators, and indeed anyone who is concerned about the integrity of their organization’s network infrastructure. Vital to passing these qualifications is being able to demonstrate scan, map, test, penetrate and secure systems.

Also! We should mention the rather important point that the Certified Network Defense Architect (CNDA) is specifically designed for United States Government Agencies, and as such is only available to designated members of selected US agencies, usually the three letter ones such as the FBI, NSA etc.

In Summary
Let us know what you think about our (rather limited) list of security network courses. Have you studied one of these courses and if you have did it help you with your career? Do you have any other course suggestions that we could add to this post?

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