Mobile Devices – Mitigating Risk/ Exploits

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Mobile Devices – Mitigating Risk/ Exploits

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She’s back!

We are very excited to say that Georgia Weidman will be back on Hacker Hotshots, this time she will be live and direct this Friday December 6th at 1200 EST!

Georgia, along with Winn Schwartau, will be discussing mobile security as part of our InfoWarCon series. BYOD, by default will also be a prevalent theme during this live event which will last about 15/ 20 minutes.

The title of the show is called: “Mobile Devices – Mitigating Risk/ Exploits”.

In Summary, here are the key talking points of Friday’s web show:

  • We’ll be discussing the risk that infected mobile devices can have on other devices in the enterprise network.
  • Out of band communication channels for mobile/ BYOD devices.
  • We’ll also discuss how pivoting attacks and post exploitation through network traffic through mobile devices can avoid detection.

All-in-all, if you have even a passing interest in mobile security, mobile penetration testing and/ or BYOD security on your network – then you are going to love this show. Remember that you can ask pre-event questions in the comments section below or during the event itself through the live chat.

InfoWarCon 2014
Georgia Weidman @georgiaweidman will be speaking at InfoWarCon in Tennessee this coming January 2014. Georgia will be offering her talent in a training course at the conference with a course titled: “Burning Down The House: Building mobile attacks and leveraging exploited mobile devices as offensive cyberweapons”. InfoWarCon is the Offensive Cyber Weapons and Technologies Training Conference on Earth – there is no other like it.

During the course of the last few months, in partnership with the folk at InfoWarCon, we have provided ‘tasters’ of what to expect from the conference by inviting several of the keynote speakers to introduce their topics. All speakers are undisputed heavy-weights of the Cyber Security space and are internationally recognized speakers and presenters. InfowarCon takes place January 22-24, 2014 at Rocketown, in downtown Nashville, Tennesse.

About Georgia Weidman
Georgia Weidman is Hacker Hotshot #22, i.e.our 22nd speaker! The last time Georgia came on the show was back in October 2012 when she presented: “Smartphone Penetration Testing Framework”. The Smartphone Penetration Testing Framework (SPF) is the result of a DARPA Cyber Fast Track grant and is an open source security tool, designed to help audit the security profiles of smartphones within a network. The security tool contains remote attacks, client side attacks, social engineering attacks, and post exploitation – all which are designed to target smartphone devices.

Georgia is a very well known, talented, and engaging speaker and she’s spoken at (almost!) every major Information Security conference and the upcoming InfoWarCon will be no different. At 18 she received her B.A. degree in Mathematics and following graduation Georgia worked in information security in both the public and private space.

In Summary
If mobile security and penetration testing is your thing then you have zero excuse not to attend and participate!

As always, please drop a question below to ask Georgia pre event, or live during the actual show itself! Here’s the link for the <registration, and we’ll see you there!

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