Metasploit Courses For Beginners (Hacker Tool Training)

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Metasploit Courses For Beginners (Hacker Tool Training)

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In this post we will review and list Metasploit cyber security training courses that are aimed at beginners and those new to penetration testing and ethical hacking.

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If you are new to Cyber Security, or are considering getting a job in Cyber then it’s highly likely that you’ve already heard of Metasploit. The Metasploit Project is one of those ‘must-learn’ hacking tools (probably better defined as being a ‘framework’ rather than a ‘tool’) but as you begin to learn more about security you’ll also begin to start relying more on Metasploit. Essentially this framework provides information about possible security vulnerabilities and helps with orchestrating a penetration test and assists with IDS signature development.

Although there are other sub-categories of usage for this popular Pentesting Tool, the main point to remember is that Metasploit is used to develop and execute exploit code against a remote target machine.

Our recommended Metasploit Training Courses:

Recommended #1 Metasploit Course
Here’s the link for more information: Penetration Testing with Metasploit Ethical Hacking Stream

Why are we recommending this course?
We had a decent look at this Metasploit course and in our view it’s very well structured and it explains the framework in a neat and tidy way; you’ll certainly get a solid grasp of how the tool works. Although this is a beginners course students are expected to have a basic understanding of cyber basics and you will also need to download and install the Metasploit Framework Tool (or simply just get hold of a copy of Kali Linux of Backbox. The authors of the course (there are several of them) have targeted Computer Science Students, IT Security Auditors and those interested in learning about Ethical Hacking as being the target audience of this course.

This course also includes certification which is another awesome feature and something which compliments the 60 lectures that are included within this Metasploit training package. Another feature we liked about this course is that the instructors are very ‘hands-on’ and they encourage interaction. The organizers have also included a discussion board dedicated to helping students learn more about Metasploit.

Who are the Instructors?
There are three instructors for the ‘Penetration Testing with Metasploit Ethical Hacking Stream’. Nipun Jaswal, CEEH, OSWP, ITIL, M.TECH, CSSE is a practical Cyber Security professional with a ton of experience. Nipun is also an accomplished author having written books about Web Application Hacking and Metasploit and he’s also a speaker at several cyber security conferences like DEFCON Lucknow.

Another course instructor is Saranya Kiran, the CEO of InSEC-Techs (Information Security Technologies). Saranya’s expertize is within Web Application Security, Penetration Testing and Forensic Investigations.

The third instructor is Srinivas Rao is equally a veteran in the ‘practical’ hacking community. Of notable interest, Srinivas is co-author of the book Hacking S3crets.

Recommended #2 Metasploit Course
Here’s the link for more information: Expert Metasploit Penetration Testing Series

Why are we recommending this course?
We are recommending this course because it has a wide range of appeal: i.e. it could be used as a reference for experts and professionals as well as beginners.

The course is packed full of hacking techniques that will help you to enhance your skills and give you a clear understanding of how the Metasploit Framework works. Since this course is aimed at beginners, the series of high resolution videos starts with the basics of ‘Information Gathering’ and advances into more difficult topics like the ‘Client Side Exploitation’ using Metasploit, ‘Post-Exploitation Meterpreter’ and ‘Advanced Meterpreter’, ‘Working with Auxiliary Modules’ and so much more. At the end of the course, you’ll be a pro with regards to understanding the different phases of penetration testing tools using other tools like Nmap and Nesssus as well as Armitage, which ia a GUI-based tool built within the framework of Metasploit.

The target audience of ‘Expert Metasploit Penetration Testing Series’ are Cyber Security enthusiasts, system admins, Penetration Testers, Ethical Hackers and indeed anyone with an interest in IT Security. You are expexted t to know the basics of penetration testing but a quick read of a book or two and you’ll be prepared! You’ll have to also have knowledge about virtual machines, Windows operating system and UNIX – and it would be plus if you have experience and knowledge about Ruby – but don’t worry if you don’t.

This course contains eight modules spread over 30 lectures; so you’ll have plenty to get involved with! In summary: if you’d like a comprehensive and in-depth Metasploit course and you are keen to learn the concepts of attacks and defense by using the MSF Console with ‘step-by-step demonstrations’ of the Metasploit Framework then this is the course for you!

Also – and this is why we particularly like this course – students will also be given a chance to carry out real time attacks on virtual machines to test skills on penetration testing using Metasploit!

Who is the Instructor?
The instructor of this course is Mr. Abhinav Singh, a Cyber Professional from India. He authored the book Metasploit Penetration Testing Cookbook” and “Instant Wireshark”. His research has been quoted in different infosec portals and magazines. In addition, he also spoke at Black Hat Asia 2015.

Recommended #3 Metasploit Course
Here’s the link for more information: Metasploit Framework for Beginners

Why are we recommending this course?
If you want a real basic introduction for beginners on how to use Metasploit then this course is for you. By taking this course you can expect to learn about fundamentals of Ethical Hacking as well as how to effectively use the Metasploit Framework within a context of being able to attack systems, test vulnerabilities (‘penetration test’) and more! The course includes a total of 17 lectures which includes explaining the basic usage of Metasploit Framework, exploits and payloads, meterpreter and resource scripts.

Who is the Instructor?
The course instructor is Gokhan Skumus. Gokhan is a System Engineer at the IT department of the Turkish National Police.

Recommended #4 Metasploit Course
Here’s the link for more information: Hacking Academy: Metasploit – Penetration Tests from Scratch

Why are we recommending this course?
This course is one of the most active with over 1,000 registered students. This course guides the student from a beginners perspective through to explaining more in-depth step-by-step procedures on how to find security vulnerabilities, confirm vulnerability mitigations and organize security assessments by using Metasploit.

Students are required to have a Linux/ Unix OS knowledge, basic IT and TCP/ IP knowledge. Programming skills are not required in this course but as always – they are always useful! Pentesters, IT security professionals and hobbyist, graduates of IT Security Beginner and Professional Training and programmers will benefit from this concise course.

This Metasploit course is very easy to follow and well designed especially since from our experience of having had a look at the content – the techniques and functionality were all clearly presented and explained.

If you’ve taken any of the above courses we’d love to get your feedback! Let us know what you liked or disliked about the course.

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