New Video Course! Metasploit for Beginners…

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New Video Course! Metasploit for Beginners…

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Following the success of our last ‘Acunetix Vulnerability Scanner’ course we thought we’d go ahead and create an absolutely awesome ‘Metasploit for Beginners’ course!

In fact, we’ve been meaning to do this course FOREVER – and finally, we are delighted to announce it! So here it is – Metasploit for Beginners [a ONE hour video course] in all its’ fine glory!

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For a limited time only [until Sunday April 10th] we are offering this course for only $27 – which includes lifetime access and a certificate of completion! We will constantly be adding new features to the course so it’s a great deal! You must use the (rather simple) promo code: ‘metasploit’ (no apostrophes) to take advantage of the discount.

The course is broken down into six videos – each one is approximately 10 mins in total. The instructor, Chris Abou-Chabke, was 15 when he ‘discovered hacking’. Chris first got the ‘hacking bug’ when he started out hacking 9.6K modems to ‘steal subscriptions’: that was back in the days when you could disconnect a modem remotely! Then, having learned C++ he escalated his skills and discovered a vulnerability that is probably best not mentioned here! Chris is heavily immersed in the world of Cyber Security and overall ‘hacking’ and the ‘hacking-culture’.

We put this course together because we think Chris is awesome. He’s the ‘real-deal’ – i.e. someone who has been there and done it. Put simply, who better to learn from than an expert who learned the dark arts and executed his skills in a real-life context. Put it this way: we’d rather have someone with a nefarious past, and mind, to teach us how to use important tools like Metasploit right? If you don’t agree then drop us a comment below!

We hope you enjoy this course as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

If you have any questions please open a ticket here.

  • Mathew Pike

    Nice Metasploit for beginners from the real side interesting 🙂

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