Memory Forensics & Forensic Incident Response with expert Robert Reed (Live Web Show)

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Memory Forensics & Forensic Incident Response with expert Robert Reed (Live Web Show)

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Not that long ago we posted an article on our blog about how to become a Forensics Investigator and were are now delighted to compliment that with an excellent Hacker Hotshot web show this Thursday August 29th titled: “Memory Forensics & Forensic Incident Response” with Robert Reed.

Memory forensics, and the entire digital forensics subject, is a really exciting field and we are thrilled to have Robert explain the profession and career in more detail to us. Interestingly enough, we have also had another experienced forensic expert on Hacker Hotshots, March 12th 2013 with Christopher Pogue presenting: “OPFOR 4 Ever”. Christopher served in the US Army for over a decade and specialized in digital forensic investigations whilst acting as a Signal Corps Warrant Officer and was the original creator of a forensic methodology known as Sniper Forensics; a methodology used by the FBI.

Brief background: Robert Reed
Robert @tridentinfosec is a unique Hacker Hotshot speaker owing to his experience as a law enforcement officer, and for those interested in a career in forensics and law enforcement, this is clearly a show not to miss. (Quick heads up, if you are reading this after August 29th then you can still view the event on the same page since the interview and presentation will be recorded).

Robert investigated incidents that span from simple traffic investigations to criminal homicides and he has been the affiant on numerous search warrant applications, and participated in the service and execution of warrants including those involving digital evidence. Robert applied his knowledge and experience of digital forensics by developing and operating the first ASCLD (American Society of Crime Lab Directors) accredited forensic program lab in the State of Arizona.

Brief summary of the presentation
Robert will discuss, amongst other items, two main topics: these are, firstly, ‘what is meant by Memory Forensics’ and give us an overall view of this security subject, and secondly, he will be explaining the processes involved with a ‘Forensic Incident Response.’

Digital forensics jobs
We imagine that a career in digital forensics must be very rewarding and satisfying whilst also very exciting – and this will certainly be a question we will pose to Robert. From our research prior to writing this post, we understand the growth opportunities in digital forensics to mainly be within the commercial space. Commercial firms, Fortune 500 etc., are realizing that they must have a team of stand-by (or better, in-house) digital forensic and incident response experts to assist with security incidents as they occur. Another sub-strata and growth area within digital forensics, and again, we hope Robert will shed some light on this, is the E-Discovery Profession. By E-Discovery we mean the electronic discovery of evidence which maybe used in civil or state litigation.

In any event, this will be a great event, and we are certainly very privileged to have Robert on the show. As usual, please post your comments below or engage with Robert and the Concise Courses Team during the event. We are introducing a new live chat feature this week that we will be rolling out during the shows which means that you can ask questions in live chat. Come and join us!

We would be especially interested to hear your comments if you are already working within the digital forensics space. What do you find most rewarding and conversely, what are some frustrating aspects of your career choice?

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