Marcia from EFF will look after you!

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Marcia from EFF will look after you!

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Just wanted to let everyone know that we had a really interesting Hacker Hotshot session with Marcia Hoffman.

Marcia spoke about “Legal Issues in Mobile Security Research” and she certainly provided our audience with an immense amount of incredible information pertaining to the subject.

I just wanted to write a post about Marcia’s presentation because we have had other presentations that all seem to be in the same space of mobile security and remote exploitation. The information security that I am referring to – or rather – our Hacker Hotshots! as we renamed them – are: Jonthan Cran from Pwnie Express, DJ Palombo – our very own Raspberry Pi expert hacker and the veteran and highly knowledgeable smartphone hacker Georgia Weidman.

The bottom line is that mobile security continues to become more and more important – for obvious reasons. We just wanted to bring this particular Hacker Hotshot session to your attention because a lot of our community are curious tinkerers and researchers and involved in cutting-edge technology (pwnie express) or software (Smartphone Penetration Testing Framework). Marcia will protect you since she focuses on computer crime and EFF’s Coders’ Rights Project, which promotes innovation and protects your rights!

Marcia Hofmann is a senior staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation – go check it out!

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