Malware, Phishing: the Need for Intelligent Response

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Malware, Phishing: the Need for Intelligent Response

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If you have an interest in malware, phishing and cyber crime then come and join us August 6th, 1200 EST to watch Gary Warner present: “Malware, Phishing: the Need for Intelligent Response.”

Meet Gary Warner, our Malware, Phishing and CyberCrime Hacker Hotshot!
Gary @malcovery serves as the Director of Research in Computer Forensics at the University of Alabama and is the Chief Technologist at Malcovery Security.

Gary has a particular interest regarding problems faced by CyberCrime Investigators in Law Enforcement whilst also specializing in Phishing, Spam, and Malware Intelligence for Malcovery Security. Gary’s career spans some 20 years in information security including roles as an IT Director, President and other positions for a variety of organizations. Of particular note, for the last six years Gary has been active in the FBI’s InfraGard program and has been recognized by FBI Director Robert Mueller for “Exceptional Service in the Public Interest.” For those that don’t know InfraGard is a non-profit organization made of individuals that facilitate information sharing and intelligence between private businesses, academic institutions, and law enforcement agencies to combat hostile acts against the United States.

Having received the IC3 and NCFTA’s Partnership Award “In recognition of his outstanding support in the ongoing battle against cybercrime” and a current Microsoft Security MVP we are indeed blessed to have Gary come on Hacker Hotshots.

Learning Objectives
As always, we let our community know in advance what to expect from attending this event. Amongst other items, and in summary, Gary will be:

  • Explaining why identifying an infected machine, wiping the drive, and returning it to service is the wrong response to malware!
  • Explaining why the race to close phishing sites as fast as possible is also the wrong response to malware!
  • And thirdly, how relationship between, and history of malware and phishing attacks can help your company develop the right response to malware.

This all sounds very interesting, not least because the above points are contrary to ‘popular’ notions of how we ought to manage the threat of malware.

Gary’s presentation will be particularly insightful considering the position of the UAB’s Computer Forensics Department, namely, that cyber criminals are currently winning the ‘CyberCrime war’. The approach which the University of Alabama takes is threefold and divided into the following categories: Academics, awareness and training.

With reference to ‘Academics‘ the UAB position is that they (academic institutions) ought to send more people into the workforce who are prepared to work as CyberCrime Investigators, something which they refer to “Training Digital Detectives for the 21st Century”.

Awareness‘ refers to collaboration between law enforcement, corporate security, and the public so that the risks of CyberCrime can be equally understood.

And the ‘Training‘ category refers to, quote, a [belief] “that great ideas are born in Academic Research’

In Summary
Malware and malware prevention is, understandably, a re-occurring theme in most of our Hacker Hotshot web shows owing to its’ prominence within information security. We hope to see you online, and as always, please ask questions before the show (in the comments below) or live during the event!

If you are thinking of studying computer sciences, are interested in becoming a malware analyst or just plain interested, then this is clearly an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge. Here is the enrollment page.

Interestingly enough, we have had another academic present a similar topic on Hacker Hotshots. Dr. Thomas J. Holt, an Assistant Professor in the School of Criminal Justice at Michigan State University who specializes in computer crime and cybercrime presented: “Identifying Cyber Warriors” last November 28th, 2012.

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