Malware Analysis on a shoe-string budget

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Malware Analysis on a shoe-string budget

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April 24th, which is a Wednesday, we have a really great Hacker Hotshot to share with you. The event, titled: “Malware Analysis on a shoe-string budget” is being presented by Michael Boman.

Micheal’s presentation (which by the way will always be on the same URL as above) – is going to share three main things with our audience:

Firstly, How To Conduct Malware Analysis On A Shoestring Budget
Secondly, How To Processing 10k Malware Samples A Week!
and Thirdly: How To Replicate Michael’s Malware Analysis Lab

Why Perform Malware Analysis in the first place?
Why would an information security organization or an individual want to invest the (sometimes significant) resources required to effectively analyze malware? Some people love it – and Michael is one of them! Discovering and reverse engineering potentially malicious executable programs is a cool thing to do, that is, if you’re into it!

Still, lets just share our thoughts why malware analysis is a good thing:

1. Analyzing malicious programs allows the community to assess damage from an intrusion.
2. The security research will allow the intrusion detection expert to discover and catalog indicators of compromised machines, (i.e. their behavior once infected).
3. The research will help determine the sophistication level of the malware author. Is it a script-kiddy or someone/ something larger? (Think Stuxnet).
4. Reverse engineering and being able to detect and block the intrusion will expose the security vulnerability that was exploited to allow the malware to get there in the first place. Clearly a very helpful signal to give to the original software developers.

Michael clearly has a curious mind, which is key for all security professionals. Come and join us and learn how he processes almost 10 thousand malware samples a week, or one every minute, every hour of every day of the week!

Furthermore, Michael will reveal the secret in being able to automate yourself out of the process. He will also explain how he did it and how you can replicate his malware analysis lab and how to get started with malware analysis!

So, for all buddy pentesters or anyone involved with any form of Malware Analysis, this is certainly an event for you!

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