Learn Penetration Testing using Linux Distro’s

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Learn Penetration Testing using Linux Distro’s

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Update! We are no longer offering this course. To check out our other cyber security courses and training opportunities please click here.

We are blessed to have such great instructors in our team, not least our very own Jeremy Faircloth. Jeremy delivered a superb course “Learn To Pentest With Linux Distros” last Saturday March 1st. The course lasted three hours and was very well received.

Here’s an overview of the course:

“Learn To Pentest With Linux Distros” is a 180 minute live online class for Network Administrators, Data Security Analysts, System and Network Security Administrators, Network Security Engineers and Security Professionals who want to learn how to use Linux Linux efficiently and effectively!

And, here’s a breakdown of the syllabus:

Section 1: Pentesting Distro Overview Section 2: Installation Options
S-T-D Demo: Building a Virtual Machine
NST Demo: Updating Kali
BackBox Exercise: install clusterd
Samurai WTF  
Toolboxes Explained  
Collections vs Selections  
Section 3: All About Penetration Testing Tools Section 4: Basic Pentesting/ Hacking Tools Review
Demo: How do I find stuff? netcat
Demo: Why use console tools nmap
Demo: GUI to Console Metasploit
Exercise: Find the tool Wireshark
Section 5: Pentesting Methodology Section 6: Intelligence Gathering
OSSTMM Reconnaissance (Google, DNS)
ISSAF Scanning (nmap, ping/ hping/ smtp)
NIST SP800-115 Enumeration (nmap, metasploit, rpcinfo, smbclient)
Vulnerability Identification  
Penetration Deeper  
Section 7: Let’s Hack!  
Misconfiguration (Unnecessary Services, File Shares)  
Passwords (Demo’s of SSH, passwd/ shadow, MySQL etc)  
Applications (Intentional Backdoors, Vulnerable Software)  

Each student receives a certificate of completion and the course is valid for Continuing Education. Furthermore, we give you access to our Learning Management System which will contain a recorded copy of your class so that you can refer back to it at any time!

What do I need to know before taking this course? (Course prerequisites)
As long as you have even basic competency with using Linux, especially with regards to using a Pentesting (Hacking Distribution), then you will be just fine. Of course, the more experience that you have using Kali Linux will be beneficial and the more you prepare yourself – the more you will get out of the training program.

Course prerequisite summary:

  • You need a computer or laptop and Internet access (obviously!)
  • Basic *nix commands knowledge
  • Basic IT Security Knowledge

How will this course help me?
This three hour training course (which is broken up into sections) is fully interactive in the sense that students are encouraged to ask questions. If you are interested in starting a career in Information Security, or are already working in the industry, then we would certainly encourage you to take this course. Our “Learn To Pentest With Linux Distros” 3 hour course will increase your levels of confidence and improve your skills.

Other Resources
We have information including download links, comparative Linux distributions, recommended videos and much more based upon the following distro’s:

What are your thoughts? How much time do you spend using a Linix Distro? What do you find most difficult with regards to using Linux? Lastly, you might also be interested in our 2013-2014 Poll in which we asked “Vote for your favorite Linux Penetration Testing Distribution” – over 800+ people have voted.

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