Kali Linux Distro

By Far The Most Popular Of All Hacking Distros

In this section we take a look at Penetration Testing Linux Distros

As you can see, Kali Linux is the most popular Hacking Distro according to our visitors (see the above reference to the ‘Concise Courses Popularity Signal’). The reason we know that is because we placed all our Linux Pentesting and Forensic Distro data and resources on our Hacker Tool Directory and the most clicks received for the Linux OS Hacking Directory was Kali Linux. Hardly suprising if you think about it considering that the Distro is an extension – or better said, development, from the iconic BackTrack Distro.

We have extensively blogged about Kali Linux which is by far the best known hacking and pentesting distro the world has ever seen. Kali Linux has a rich, colorful and long history. In fact, one of our posts regarding Kali Linux and its’ long history was featured on the mighty PaulDotCom show!

You can file Kali Linux under ‘BackTrack‘ since it follows on from the popular and trend-setting BackTrack which every man and his pentesting dog used and probably still does use until they make the switch over.

Kali Linux is by far the best known and mostly widely used distro.

Of interest, Kali supports ARM and can be used on a variety of devices, from Raspberry Pi and much much more.