Pentesting Linux Distro Update February 12 2013

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Pentesting Linux Distro Update February 12 2013

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This is the first in a new feature called “The Concise Pentesting Linux Distro Update

OK!…so what on earth is that? It’s simple, we just update you (and ourselves) to who is leading the pack in the Linux Pentesting Distro space, i.e. who is doing what – and – who has news to share. That is the purpose.

As mentioned in an earlier post of the Top Ten Penetration Testing Linux Distributions we currently follow the following distributions:

BackTrack (the almighty)
BackBox (our favourite)
Blackbuntu (in hiding?)
Samurai Web Testing Framework
Knoppix STD (the old man by the sea)
Matriux Krypton

OK where are we at – its February 12th 2013 and who is ruling the roost? Who has gone from bad to terrible? Who is past their usefulness? Who is the dark cloud with no silver lining? Well as per the rankings of February 9th 2013 by our friends over at DistroWatch (by rankings we mean downloads and hits per distro on their site – One IP = One Vote) 1st position goes to BackTrack which is 34th in overall distros hits which is pretty impressive considering, and 2nd position at 54th overall goes to backbox.

Major News:

Backbox updated their distro to include the latest Weevely 1.0 release. Weevely is a PHP web shell that provides a telnet-like console to execute system commands and automatize administration and post-exploitation tasks.

BackTrack seem to be making decent progress with their Kali Linux distrubution – which will be a, quote, “fully fledged Debian-compliant packaging and repository system”. It will be interesting to see how fast Kali shoots up the ranks when it launches. With over 4 million BackTrack users there should be pretty fast adoption of the distro.

Blackbuntu announced that they have a massive new release of blackbuntu currently being built using the xubuntu 12.04 which will be released shortly.

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