Learn How To Penetration Test WITHOUT Spending Thousands Of Dollars

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Learn How To Penetration Test WITHOUT Spending Thousands Of Dollars

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We have been running a penetration testing course called: “Applied Penetration Testing Level 1 Course” and judging by the feedback and comments we have received, the course is proving to be very popular.

The next class starts May 1st and you can register your interest and engage with the official instructor.

What is the Applied Penetration Testing Level 1 course? (APT Level 1)
The APTL1 is a four week distance learning course for beginners (or those new to information security) who need a solid introduction to penetration testing.

The APT Level 1 course has been especially developed for System Analysts, Database and Network Administrators, System Administrators and Network Security Engineers who would like to learn general penetration testing methodologies and simple processes to use the various types of tools and phases of penetration. This course excels in being able to test, identify and exploit targets.

If you register your interest we will send you:

1. A 5-Page APT Level 1 Course Outline
This course outline details the learning objectives taught during the eight classes.

2. 12-Page Class Sample
How to set up a penetration testing lab for practicing as well as completing the homework assignments. Jeremy will discuss BackTrack Linux as a penetration tester’s toolkit and the special edition created by the instructor for use as a lab (PenTesting Edition).

3. Copy of BackTrack Linux 5r2-PenTesting Edition lab
This an all-in-one penetration testing lab environment includes all of the hosts, network infrastructure, tools, and targets necessary to practice penetration testing.

4. Video Interviews With Jeremy Faircloth [Course Instructor]
Jeremy discusses who he has created the course for and the skills you’ll have AFTER completing the course.

Here’s the link to register for our Concise Courses Penetration Testing Course (APT Level 1).

About Your Instructor: Jeremy Faircloth

Jeremy Faircloth (CISSP, Security+, CCNA, MCSE, MCP+I, A+) is an IT executive with a background in managing technical teams at multiple Fortune 50 companies. He is a member of the Society for Technical Communication and frequently acts as a technical resource for other IT professionals through teaching and writing, using his expertise to help others expand their knowledge.

As a systems engineer with over 20 years of real-world IT experience, he has become an expert in many areas including Web development, database administration, enterprise security, network design, large enterprise applications, and project management. Jeremy is also an author that has contributed to over a dozen technical books covering a variety of topics and teaches courses on many of those topics.


“This is the leanest, most effective security class you need to take to get up to speed on open source tools. The completely self-contained virtual lab (an ingenious fully functional multi-tier pentesting environment built around BackTrack) combined with Jeremy Faircloth’s expert tutelage are an impressive combination for successful learning!”
John Marosi CEO John Marosi Consulting

“The course is so good and it is much better than any other available in the Market. I have personal experience in attending Many. Keep it up and continue the Journey. Also the support that I have received was excellent and really appreciated.”
Renjith Venugopal, Assistant Manager Information Technology, Head of IT Infrastructure and Security, Centena

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  • Michael Ruebusch

    I am a beginner looking for ways to expand my knowledge of penetration testing and I am interested in your material.

  • Gugu

    Hi.Im a beginner wanting to do pen-testing. I have installed Kali-linux 2.0 and watch some youtube videos but I think I need teaching. I like what you offer.

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