Learn how to prevent a malicious bot attacks! [Mini Course]

Learn how to prevent a malicious bot attacks! [Mini Course]

Henry Dalziel | Hacker Hotshots | August 29, 2014

Learn how to prevent a malicious bot attack!

This Hacker Hotshot is really more of a training course and – it’s gonna be awesome! (This will be taking place this coming September 3rd which is a Wednesday).

The presenter is none other than Rami Essaid, CEO & Co-founder of Distil Networks. Rami is going to share ways and methods to help your organization implement a comprehensive strategy for preventing bad bot attacks.

This Hacker Hotshot Course will:

  • Describe modern attacking methods and tools used by malicious bots.
  • Evaluate the processes and technologies available to protect your website from attacks.
  • Prioritize your organization’s security efforts and identify security tips you might have forgotten.

Here’s the registration page. There is nothing to download or install – just simply turn up!

Don’t forget that you can ask questions either through the live chat on the actual page, or by dropping a comment in the below box and we will make sure that Rami sees your question or comment.

Who would this course and Hacker Hotshot benefit?

Is your organization ready to prevent a malicious bot attack? If the answer to that is no – then you MUST attend this course and your organization will benefit tremendously from it.

This mini-course will concisely explain what it takes to prevent web scrapers, data miners, and content thieves from gaining control of your website.

Join us and learn how to implement a comprehensive strategy for preventing bad bot attacks!

Who will this course benefit?

This course is suited for CISO, CTO’s CIO’s and indeed anyone with a vested interest in Information Security and Data Protection.

In Summary

We are delighted to welcome Rami back on Hacker Hotshots and we hope that you will also be joining us for what will be truly useful and skills that we can all implement immediately after watching the show.

Please leave any comments below or during the show itself – we forward all questions and comments to the presenter.

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