Learn Why InfoSec Education Is The New Lead Generator

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Learn Why InfoSec Education Is The New Lead Generator

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Our very own expert marketer Max Dalziel will be presenting “InfoSec Education Is The New Lead Generator” next Monday July 15th at 12 EST.

Update! This course is no longer being offered.

The event will also be recorded and on the same link as above. If you have any specific questions that you’d like to ask Max – especially with regards to how he can help you get more qualified InfoSec leads then drop him a line.

5 Steps To Generating 100 InfoSec Leads Every Month

This is a live presentation – only 15 minutes long – that outlines 5 ways to generate more leads for your InfoSec product or service (there is no cost to register).

There are three main pillars of discussion. These include:

  1. Ways to dominate thought leadership on specific problems your product or service solves
  2. Ways to generate a consistent stream of qualified sales leads
  3. Methods and ways that we can all create an environment for rapid customer acquisition

The presentation, which we hope to host every month, has been specifically developed for CEO’s and CMO’s working within the Information Security industry. Typically these C-Level professionals will be working either as vendors and, as is often the case, consultants.

Max has developed a technique which he will share with you as to how he can create a consistent flow of new business opportunities for your organization. The sales strategy that will be outlined has been proven to work and we’d really like to share this opportunity with you so that you might also benefit from our experience of having worked in the Information Security industry.

Enrollment Bonuses!
Each participant will receive (all complimentary) a five step content marketing mindmap, an InfoSec Customer Diagnostic Tool and a list of content resources (which includes ten specific tools that will jump start your information security content marketing efforts).

About the presenter: Max Dalziel
Max is CEO, co-founder of Concise Courses LLC and Hacker Hotshot host. Concise Courses LLC is an Information Security training provider and marketing agency. From the company’s inception Max has confirmed his leadership as THE pioneer and expert in custom (infosec education) content marketing.

With over two decades of successful experience in business education and online marketing, including co-founding real estate lead generation website Condo.com in 2005 (that generates 100K+ leads per month) Max is perfectly suited, willing and enthusiastic to share his knowledge and expertise in getting your organization more leads.

Getting more leads is what it’s all about. Sounds obvious but that’s the bottom line. Leads are like oil in the economy or the blood in our bodies – without it we would soon whither and die. Sure, just getting leads isn’t enough – we need to convert those leads in paying or subscribed customer. However, needless to say, without anyone or any organization in your cross-hairs, then life will be difficult and Max is here to help you solve that! Enroll and please add your comments or questions below or within the registration page.

Many of the techniques that Max has perfected and from joyful and bitter experiences. Failures can often be milestones in any organization’s path to profit and we certainly feel that our experience stems from lessons learned the hard way. With nothing to lose and everything to gain we hope to see you on July 15th (which is a Monday) at 12:45 EST. For more information and to register please click here. To see the latest Hacker Hotshot events in July (there are about ten now! – click here).

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