Latest News From Barcelona…

Latest News From Barcelona…

Henry Dalziel | Information Security Conferences | February 18, 2015

Hopefully you can remember a Critical Information Infrastructure Protection conference that we mentioned a few weeks ago (yes, the one in Barcelona!): CiberGuard

Well, they’ve just added a few speakers to the event:

1. Jess Garcia’s will present: LATEST THREATS FROM APT TO AVT

2. Rafael Fontes Souza will present: SECURITY IN THE FIRST WORLD

3. Florient Monjalet & B├ędrune Jean-Baptiste will present: SECURITY TESTING PLC DEVICES

4. Alex Soler Alvarez will present: CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE IN THE CLOUD


5. Trevor Niblock will present: NOTES FROM THE FIELD

It looks like this event is shaping up nicely!

You can get full details here: CiberGuard

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