Our February 2013 Hacker Hotshots events!

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Our February 2013 Hacker Hotshots events!

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Quick post to say that we added a bunch more Hacker Hotshots events!

For an overview (with nice images made by our highly talented creative team) just hit the upcoming Hacker Hotshots page.

Summary (all times are 12 EST and there is nothing to download if you want to watch them live).

Zombie Browsers Spiced With Rootkit Extensions
Feb 7th – with Zoltan Balazs

Intro to Network Traffic Analysis
Feb 12th – with Jonathan Schipp

From SQL Injection to MIPS Overflows
Feb 20th – with Zachary Cutlip

Off-Grid Communications with Android
Feb 27th – with Josh Thomas

Passive Bluetooth Monitoring in Scapy
Feb 28th – Ryan Holeman

As you can see it’s a really nice mix of information security topics – from good ‘ole SQL Injection to a presentation on the SPAN project with Josh Thomas. Josh’s presentation – titled “Off-Grid Communications with Android” will explore various themes but we expect that he will discuss his SPAN project. The project’s goals are to bring dynamic mesh networking to smart phones and to explore the concepts of Off-Grid communications – so clearly, if mobile is your thing – then get yourself registered!

On the subject of mobile and if you stumbled across this page from a mobile keyword search then you might be interested in Jonathan Cran’s (CTO at Pwnie Express) presentation titled “Advanced Persistent PenTesting: Fighting Fire with Fire” and Georgia Weidman with “Smartphone Penetration Testing Framework.”

We already blogged about our next event: Zombie Browsers Spiced With Rootkit Extensions with Zoltan Balazs which looks like it’s going to be an excellent event.

The Intro to Network Traffic Analysis with Jonathan Schipp is a must for those interested in networking and understanding how to read your logs and detect patterns.

Passive Bluetooth Monitoring in Scapy with Ryan Holeman will be amazing. We have never covered Bluetooth so we are delighted to add this technology to our vault of data!

We add these events regularly so chances are, if you are reading this in the middle of February, then we would have added a whole bunch more! If you would like to present then get in contact with us – the best way to contact us is by email to hi at – our domain.

Make sure you register by entering your email to the right of this screen and we look forward to seeing you online!

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