Kim Dotcom granted permission to access secret surveillance

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Kim Dotcom granted permission to access secret surveillance

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We always have a keen eye open for news on Kim Dotcom. We ran a Hacker Hotshots show on the man himself last September titled: Kim Dotcom is not Kim Il-Sung.

Anyways – just to update you all – Mr DC has been granted permission to access secret surveillance that was carried out on him, his pals, and his businesses. The decision that came from a High Court judge today means that New Zealand’s spy agency must now release details and all information pertaining to their secret surveillance of Kim Dotcom.

The interesting thing is that the decision means that Kim can actually sue the NZ Spy Agency for damages after it was revealed the agency illegally spied on him! Pretty damaging stuff considering their strapline: “Mastery of Cyberspace!”

This is amazing stuff.

The facts and chain of events surrounding this case are controversial and pretty amazing – amazing because even the police search and seizure raids were deemed to have been carried out illegally – reason being that invalid search warrants had been used.

The catalog of errors continues…..following a hearing in August it was established that the New Zealand Government Communications Security Bureau had been spying on Kim Dotcom – an action which technically was illegal since the GCSB are not allowed to monitor New Zealand residents.

We will keep our eye posted on this story and keep you all updated!

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