BackTrack is reborn: Kali Linux

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BackTrack is reborn: Kali Linux

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We’ll let the video do the talking:

Kali Linux looks amazing! For sure the best ever Linux pentesting distro launch in the history of, well, Linux distro launches!

OK, so what’s the rub?

We are not too sure why Offensive Security felt the need to create an entirely new distribution, but they have and it looks great. According to their press release they state that the development team had such high expectations for the next release of BackTrack that they just thought, “ah to hell with it, lets just wipe the slate clean and relaunch something magnificent.” Well, that’s our take on it!

Join the Kali community if BackTrack was/ is your preferred pentesting distro and let us know how you get on. We will stick to backbox but, as they say, each to their own. (Actually we will definitely be taking a peek at Kali once it is released).

It seems that one of the key differences between BackTrack and Kali Linux is that Kali will have a fully fledged Debian-compliant packaging and repository system – so perhaps that is the major reason why they felt the need to ditch BackTrack.

  • Jarrod Frates

    The site to which you’re sending people ( doesn’t appear to be the official spot for it. The only post there says as much as it’s entitled “Welcome to Unofficial community Kali Linux”. I also don’t see the names for any of the Backtrack lead devs like Muts in the member list.

    A better guess might be, a domain which has been registered but points to and which is registered through the same registrar as

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