Kali Linux vs BackBox

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Kali Linux vs BackBox

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This is the original content of the post here – hence why there are comments. This will be re-populated with the original once we’ve updated the other post!

Hope that makes sense!

  • flip

    First of all Ubuntu is based on Debian, Kali gives you more Freedom cause its directly build on debian. No need to have Ubuntu in between

  • Kali

    Your review lacks any professional insight. Sounds like you chose the wrong distro… See if blackblox can do this:

  • LIE A FO

    Good day all,
    In my case, on my laptop Acer Aspire 5310 I prefer using BACKBOX LINUX because is more stable and faster than KALI LINUX.

    • Tiwiex

      I am on this site because i installed Kali 2 and it is damn slow. I suspect there is a better distro and here i am. Kali 1 was not bad but it seams to have a lot of update issues. i need to check this back box out. i also suspect a herd behaviour on Kali and it has gained traction.

  • Mohamed Shawky

    Well, the commenter named “kali” is right , your review is totally useless , sry , i was looking for a professional review , am not leaning towards any of the distros but am myself am a kali user and i was exploring the possibility of backing kali with backbox and was looking for help on your article and you gave me nothing ! no comparison , no techie stuff , not even the included tools and i do the comparison ! i don’t know what is the purpose of posting an article with this name if you wont give any professional insight into the subject ? if i was just looking for a nice chat i would have asked at the forum !

  • dodger

    sorry, but to everyone bashing the article. Lighten up, this article is a good intro for the people who have little experience with either system and if you actually know what you are doing then you could just build your own security distro. All the packages are available to be assembled on the net.

  • Jay D

    First off, this isn’t a reply for the above post, rather, a request for help. I had Backbox and I really liked it, but I was behind a proxied internet (college internet) and no matter what I did, I was never able to set my Backbox system to use those proxies systemwide. As a person who has been using BackBox a lot, how do you suggest I set those proxies systemwide? I’d like to return to Backbox, but till I am able to do that, I’ll stick to Bugtraq. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    • eNtheOgeNz

      Im with you, Bugtraq “Rocks” IMHO it seems ‘so far’ better thought out! and more n00b friendly as well! as for support, that may not be there, however I myself learn from breaking things, then needing to figure out how to unbreak them myself, So support was never the biggest issue for me! “Prone to STILL taking the Long Slow Boat In Life I Geuss” 😉

  • sumit

    Kali has tons of support, you can switch out the UI (love you live build) it has automatic support for basically any standard computer out of the box, and is perfect for a live usb with persistence. Good for pentesting, but you are better off with backbox if you want to do ordinary things. Plus Kali shares it name with the Hindu god of destruction… seems appropriate 🙂

    • zak

      No. Kali is a Swahili word to mean Best in an Ironeous way. Kali proceeds go to helping kids on East Africa where Swahili is Widely Spoken

      • Swat

        Kali Linux – What’s in a Name?

        Hindu Goddess of time and change? Philippine martial art? Cool word in Swahili? None of the above. “Kali” is simply the name we came up with for our new distribution. Why change the name in the first place? With all these significant changes in our distribution, we felt that we needed to convey this in the project name. “BackTrack 6″ didn’t do justice to our efforts in the past year, and wouldn’t convey our new message to our users.


  • kevindes

    bonjour je me tient a vous faire part que kali linux et vraiment nul par rapport a backtrack qui lui etait vraiment bien, kali a des beug enorme et si on veux l’utililiser pour regarder des film le sons gresille avant d’etre nette etc au demarrage c’est pas tout le temps qui se lance bien des fois il se fige sur une page avec des traits.
    dans après il y a nodezero qui et complet mais que la base de donner n’ai plus a jour il on arreter le site ou on peu télécharger les logiciel.
    je l’ai teste un peu tous. je vais installer backbox je voulais voire des avis.

  • pakar

    So finaly what is a best for newie hacking user..?

  • Divtech

    using Kali Linux now gonna test Backbox

  • GIulio

    Secondo me è meglio Kali visto che è stato progettato da 0 dagli sviluppatori, poi Kali ha anche molti altri tool di pentesting rispetto a BackBox che ne ha molti meno e con molti bug riscontrati da me e penso anche da altri utenti. L’unica funzione che mi è piaciuta è quella dell Anonymous Mode in BackBox.
    Sarà anche sviluppato da un team italiano ma hanno ancora molta strada da percorrere se vorranno sviluppare un vero e proprio sistema di pentesting.

  • GIulio

    In my opinion it is better Kali saw that it was designed by the developers to 0 , then Kali also has many other tools pentesting than BackBox which has far fewer and with many bugs found by me and I think also by other users . The only feature I liked is that of Anonymous Mode in BackBox .
    It will also be developed by an Italian team , but still have a long way to go if they want to develop a real system pentesting .

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