Kali Linux review – looks good from here!

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Kali Linux review – looks good from here!

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Kali Linux is a much hyped Linux penetration testing distribution and for good reason as well – it is a continuation of the much hallowed BackTrack distro.

We have reported a lot on Linux pentesting distros with our favorite being BackBox – primarily because it just works right away with zero tweaking, and also because it runs on XFCE which is insanely fast. So what does Kali offer and what are the key features of the distro?


Related Post: See the Kali Linux family tree and how it evolved from Knoppix (back in the day) which was forked into WHoppix – then WHAX – then BackTrack, and finally Kali Linux! Worth also mentioning that this post family tree post was mentioned in the PaulDotCom security web show!

Click here to see the Kali Linux ancestry family tree from the great-great grandfather to the latest child: Kali Linux

If you’d like a detailed look at Kali Linux, might be better to head over to their official site – but here’s a quick summary for you:

With regards to penetration testing tools, the folks at Offensive Security basically cleansed BackTrack, took out the old, broken and duplicated and brought in the new and thereby created Kali Linux. Not only are the pentesting tools GPG signed (along with the repositories) but there has been an emphasis on making Kali Linux the multinational penetration testing Linux Distribution of choice. By making an effort to incorporate other widely spoken languages is a smart move since it will have a positive impact with regards to the distro’s usage in other countries.

Being and staying true to the open source ethos Kali Linux is using a Git Tree which enables users to see and tweak all software sources. Kali is also FHS compliant (Filesystem Hierarchy Standard) enabling users greater ease in being able to locate files, binaries and libraries. Ensuring FHS compliance with the Git Tree does make tweaking the distro a breeze – and for that Offensive Security needs praise.

One of our personal issues here at Concise Courses was the problems we used to encounter with regards to getting our wireless cards and drivers to work with tools and penetration testing distro’s. To that effect Kali Linux has made special effort to help us all by embedding excellent wireless device support. Kali Linux has been built with support to include many wireless devices so that they can correctly operate on many hardware platforms.

ARM support is also credit-worthy as the architecture becomes more popular.

In summary Kali Linux, as a continuation of the ever popular BackTrack Linux needs praise – the team are dedicated and, it seems, are listening to their ever growing and loyal community. We are going to stick with BackBox but will certainly have Kali on a virtual machine to further experiment. Have you used Kali? What do you think about it?

  • Braxton Plaxco

    I moved to kali from backbox for a while and it is a wonderful distro for hacking and pentesting but I love how backbox works for an every day distro right out of the box and has access to all of the software that ubuntu has (because Its based on it).

    Final conclusion

    Kali — Good for hacking (but keeping it on a USB stick )

    Backbox — still my favorite all around distro so far.

    • Henry Dalziel

      What a great comment – thanks for sharing. I’m still to try Kali Linux (time is my enemy as always) but it seems to be a very solid distro – I guess mainly because it is a complete rebuild and ironed out all the issues that it previously had. Take a look at my Kali Family Tree – I think you’ll like it and I hope that it is accurate! Thanks again.

  • k!n

    I think – you just can’t compare, an ubuntu-based distro, to a debian based one. Why ? the first one will heritate what has been brought into ubuntu, especially these tones of spyware. As far as I am concerned, all my servers are running Debian, and I am using Kali linux on daily basis, it’s not about taste guys, it is about the FOSS philosophy, and do not forget, we are in 21th Century now, data are flying around, there is privacy if you don’t protect yourself, so why would I use a distro that hat betrayed its end-users. So above, all Kali is the best, and it is cross platform.

    • CJ

      There’s no such thing as “the best”. There’s “the best” for you, “the best” for your purposes! But no distro is “the best” for every person. You talk of FOSS but apparently you missed the memo…. FOSS is about “freedom of choice”!

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