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Join our Cyber Conference Mailing List – and never miss a trick (or hack….)

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There are, by our estimates, over 200 international Cyber Security (Information Security) conferences around the world. We have a popular list of events in 2014 here and our previous list of 2013 is here, and the upcoming security events of 2015 are listed here and 2016 are here.

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Why join our InfoSec Conference list?

Several reasons – namely:

  • Receive updates to the next events
  • Receive summaries of recently passed events and links to presentations
  • Receive discounts for ticket sales

There are a ton of conferences each year and they all bring the best out of everyone who attends. Yes, DEFCON, BlackHat, Toorcon and Schmoocon are possibly the more popular, but there are a ton of more localized events that all need our attention.

Since 2013 we have been curating our Concise Courses list of Information Security Conferences which has been liked by hundreds and received literally equally hundreds of comments – so we really encourage you to take part.

What if you are a conference organizer?

Get in contact with us! We have worked with dozens of marketing agencies and event organizers to help promote their security events. We have a very responsive email list that are always interested in hearing about security/ hacking events and conferences so drop us a line and get in contact! The best way to enter your event to our popular list is by clicking on the year that your event will be taking place: either in 2014 or 2015.

In summary

Take part! Join our newsletter and let us know how you get on, which conferences you attended, why and whether you enjoyed them.

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