Hacker Hotshots: Eyes on IZON Surveilling IP Camera Security

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Hacker Hotshots: Eyes on IZON Surveilling IP Camera Security

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This coming August 19th (which is a Tuesday) – come join us for a Hacker Hotshot Google Hangout webshow with Mark Mark Stanislav as he presents his research titled: “Eyes on IZON Surveilling IP Camera Security”

Mark will discuss – in our four year old Hacker Hotshot webshow, the following points:

  • Critical vulnerabilities found in the Stem Innovation “IZON” IP camera
  • Lessons for Internet of Things Security best practices
  • How security researchers are trying to improve IoT security through the initiative, BuildItSecure.ly

First off – what is an Izon Camera?
IZON is an iOS (Apple) compatible camera that is made by Stem Innovation. The popular camera (which works under a Linux OS) retails for over $100 dollars.

Owing to the fact that these cameras are popular makes the vulnerability that Mark discovered as being all that more embarrassing.

What’s the main hack with the IZON Camera?
Mark will expand on this but the lack of secure port configuration, including an exposed Telnet port, signifies that IZON cameras can be accessed via the Internet. A quick search using Shodan will find you dozens of vulnerable IZON cameras.

Get involved!
This is an awesome event that highlights how vulnerable some popular gadgets can be – and how they can be abused to a hackers delight.

If you have any questions prior to the event please drop it below and don’t forget that you can also ask questions during the event itself!

Thanks for getting involved and participating in our community.

Here’s the link again.

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