Live show with IronWASP security tool author

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Live show with IronWASP security tool author

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As ever, Concise Courses is on the lookout for the best information security content and training courses out there – and we have certainly found a gem with Lavakumar Kuppan.

Not of course that we “found him” because Lavakumar is a well know information security professional having authored multiple penetration testing security tools. Aside from IronWASP Lavakumar has written ‘Shell of the Future’, JS-Recon, Imposter and the HTLM5 based Distributed Computing System – Ravan.

This Hacker Hotshot episode with Lavakumar will be live, as always, on April 9th 1200 EST which is a Tuesday. The title is simply named: “IronWASP – Open Source Web Security Testing Platform” and as usual we really encourage you to interact and ask Lavakumar questions!

A brief outline of what IronWASP is
IronWASP is a contraction for: Iron Web application Advanced Security testing Platform. IronWASP is an open source system that can be used for web application vulnerability testing. The really great thing about this security tool is that the user can tailor IronWASP to meet their specific requirements with regards to security. The tool can also accept various plugins thus extending the reach, scope and usefulness of this security tool. Incidentally, if you are interested in penetration testing tools why not hit up our ‘most useful tools for 2013 blog post.’

What will viewers learn in this particular Hacker Hotshot episode with Lavakumar?
Viewers will learn what makes certain features of IronWASP unique, how it can benefit developers and penetration testers to improve the security of their web applications and lastly, viewers can expect to learn how IronWASP can be customized and used to create your own security tools with very little effort! This is going to be a particularly great event (as you’d expect from our much loved Hacker Hotshot speakers!) but especially for those that are already working with creating (or require) web application security.

A little bit about Lavakumar
Lavakimar is a pioneer within the security space having created many useful pentesting tools. As a result of his in depth research he has created several offensive attacks that include a sandbox bypass on Flash Player, WAF bypass technique using HTTP Parameter Pollution, a multiple HTML5 attack vector, CSRF protection bypass technique and more!

Lavakumar also has a specific expertise with HTML5 – a subject dear to our hearts. Our first ever Hacker Hotshot episode back in 2011 was “How HTML5 will change the web” with several well known speakers from Mozilla and Opera. We have also hosted Mario Heiderich presenting HTML5 Security Cheat Sheet and Shreeraj Shah presenting “HTML5 Next Generation Attacks.” Lavakumar also maintains the HTML5 Security Resources Repository website.

If your free on Tuesday April 9th and interested in watching and hearing from a BlackHat, OWASP and NullCon veteran then tune in, this will be a good one! If your reading this after the date then hit the link all the same because the video will be hosted on the same page.

Have you ever used IronWASP? If so we’d love to have your thoughts and comments below.

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