IP Expo Europe: Breaching your Minds on Cyber Security

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IP Expo Europe: Breaching your Minds on Cyber Security

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The IP Expo Europe, which is being held at the ExCel Center in London from 7-8 October is an important digital management and computer systems conference in Europe and one of the top expos in the world. With six major conferences all happening under one roof it is a showcase of some of the world’s brightest minds.

With the advent of organized cybercrime, the Cyber Security Europe portion of the conference has continually grown in importance: this year, they are helping you by “Securing the Digital Enterprise”.

If you are an IT expert, IT Director or security specialist, it is a must-attend event. There are no longer any illusions that systems are completely safe. With businesses dealing with massive data breaches across all systems even those thought secure, the area of cyber security has taken on a whole new meaning, especially in light of ever-increasing privacy laws requiring businesses to protect consumer information. This conference provides sessions on the latest technology for threat solutions, cyber security, risk mitigation, and perimeter firewalls. Learn the top recommended technological solutions from the top security minds.

Conference Layout
Cyber Security Europe focuses its efforts on a multi-faceted approach to allow you to step into the areas you need the most help or directed solutions for your organizations. From covering the latest technologies, an individual consultant Tech Clinic that can provide a hands-on one-on-one solutions for your specific industry, a Cyber Hack clinic to allow you a firsthand account of hacking and counter-hack techniques and the LIVE Lounge to get your hands on experience with the latest technologies.

The Tech
The technology covered at the Conference includes the latest developments in protection, detection, mitigation, and intelligence. If you are looking to close security loopholes, protect customer data, start detecting attacks in real time, how to layer your security to help with mitigation and learn about the latest trends in cyber security; IP Expo Cyber Security is your first option.

The Clinic
New this year, IP Expo Europe are providing a FREE consultancy that is personalized and tailored directly to your company’s needs. With the massive range of experience available at the conference, there has never been a better opportunity to increase your cyber security than with a personalized review. Find out your vulnerabilities and close them.

The Cyber Hack
Learn firsthand what cyber criminals are capable of in a live demonstration of cyber hacking. Or take the challenge of beating the systems and defenses of the best minds in cyber security in the Pen Test Prize Challenge. Either way you will gain insight into how white hat hacking can help increase your business’ security.

Live Lounge
By strolling the aisles of the LIVE Lounge you can peruse possibly the largest collection of hardware and software security products on the market today. From the latest technology and cutting edge developments this is not your everyday lounge.

The Speakers

Of course no Conference is complete without a host of the world’s elite thinkers providing their insight on this worldwide problem. From the founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales as the Keynote Speaker to the Chief Technology Officer, Enterprise Security Services for Hewlett Packard, you will find an expert session to drop in on.

In Summary
Let us know if you plan on attending IP Expo – we’d love to hear from you.

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