Lessons from Surviving a 300Gbps Denial of Service Attack

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Matthew is not only the CEO & Co-Founder of CloudFlare (which this presentation will discuss) but he is also the co-creator of Project Honey Pot.

CloudFlare helps mitigate Denial of Service attacks through the company’s patent-pending technologies. Their technologies help solve the biggest challenges faced by web administrators.

Learning Objectives:

Matthew will explain:

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Questions and answers

Max, Concise Courses:
I read on a black hat forum hacker selling DOS attacks for $10! Is that an indication of the future, i.e. hackers for hire?

Max, Concise Courses:
Is the Low Orbit Ion Cannon still a threat?

Max, Concise Courses:
You spoke about DNS – are there any negatives with our organization having our traffic routed through OpenDNS?

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