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Dan Tentler
Dan is founder and CTO at AtenLabs and is also actively involved in freelance information security consulting. AtenLabs provides cutting-edge enterprise network security consulting and solutions from threat modeling to penetration testing and forensics.

An 11 year veteran of the IT, systems architecture industry with 5 years expertise in security, Tentler has worked for corporations including Websense as systems architect, and Fair Isaac where he served as a systems engineer. On the side, Tentler blazed a path searching for new vulnerabilities, conducting penetration tests and developing security tools for local and Fortune 1000 companies including Warner Brothers and Intuit on an as-needed basis. His field-work ultimately led to the creation of AtenLabs.

Tentler serves as organizer for BarCampSD, Founder of a technological photographic consortium, amateur lock pick extraordinaire, troublemaker, and zombie-hacking guru.